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July 3, 2008

Rant of the day

by Feòrag

Zimbabwe: Barry Duke of The Freethinker feels that the Roman Catholic Church might have its priorities ever so slightly the wrong way round, and isn't afraid to use robust language to say so. In particular, he notes that the Church seems uninterested in criticising members of its flock who are, for example, murderous dictators:

Notice the book in Robert Mugabe’s hand when he was hastily sworn for a sixth term as President of Zimbabwe? Yes folks, the lunatic dictator – a devout Catholic – was clutching a Bible.

Mugabe is 84-years-old, and with any luck will soon be dead. And when he does finally turn up his toes, what’s the bet that religious revisionists, shaking their heads over the destruction he wreaked on his country, will vilify him as an atheist – just as they do now in respect of that other great Catholic dictator, Adolf Hitler.

For the moment though, Mugabe remains in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church...

Of course, should anyone suggest that pooves be treated as actual human beings, they would be deafened by condemnations from representatives of that same church.

Mugabe - a good Catholic dictator … just like Hitler!The Freethinker, 3rd July 2008.

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