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August 19, 2008

Off-topic Bargain of the Day: a male grooming product

by Feòrag

We usually only feature unusual religious products on the Prattle, but while flicking through a copy of QXMen (don't click that link if you have a crap job and are at work!), I noticed a most interesting offer amongst the pictures of nude and scantily clad men at it with one another. It was for a male grooming product, but those of you in the aforementioned crap jobs should leave reading the rest of this entry until you are safely at home.

Smootha Scrotal Smoother and Firmer is, according to QXMen,

firms and tones the scrotum by deeply restructuring the sking. It also stimulates cell metabolism, promotes collagen synthesis and enhances fibroblasts proliferation and, by restoring the skin's elasticity and bounce, the sperm count may also be increased.

It's interesting to note that pseudoscientific bollocks is not used exclusively to make women feel insecure, though if any of the claims were true, would it not have to be regulated as a medicine, not a cosmetic?

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