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December 23, 2008

Nearly a third of science teachers incompetent

by Feòrag

United Kingdom: Today's Grauniad is quite a terrifying read. As well as the Pope's anti-LGBT hate speech, we also learn that over a quarter of science teachers would teach creationism as if it were science:

The Ipsos/Mori poll of 923 primary and secondary teachers found that 29% of science specialists agreed with the statement: Alongside the theory of evolution and the Big Bang theory, creationism should be TAUGHT in science lessons

And they clearly don't mean discussing it as a way of demonstrating that it's superstitious bollocks, not science:

The Ipsos/Mori poll also canvassed support for the more hardline position of only mentioning creationism in the context of dismissing it. It found that only 26% of all teachers and 46% of science specialists agree with Professor Chris Higgins, vice-chancellor of the University of Durham, who is quoted as saying the only reason to mention creationism in schools is to enable teachers to demonstrate why the idea is scientific nonsense.

The poll did not ask if astrology should be taught at the same time as children learn about the planets, nor if alchemy should be given equal time in chemistry lessons.

Would you Adam and Eve it? Quarter of science teachers would teach creationismThe Guardian, 23rd December 2008 (note The Guardian making its own contribution to the misunderstanding of the word theory) .

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1: Posted by: G. Tingey | December 25, 2008 8:50 PM

One of the reasons I'm not a teacher anymore.

Back in 1991 (!) I caught my head-of-department, who only had a B.Ed. (NOT a science degree) telling lies to a Vth form about evolution.
I was "on probation" at the time, so my protest was quite feeble, but, even so ......

It has, of course, got worse, since.

The English education system is broken completely.
Bugger modern "socialism" - bring back the 11+ - it allowed poor children who were intelligent to escape, which they CAN'T DO any more, especially not with "Student Loans" hanging around their necks.

Unlike my father - his father died in 1924, when he was 13, leaving my grandmother with two boys to bring up. My father, thanks to free scholarships, made it to becaome an M.Sc. in Chemistry, and a Fellow of the Cem. Soc, before he retired.
Between the tories AND the Labour parties, this is almost certainly no longer a possible option, since academic excellence is NOT WANTED - or at lesat until you are over 18 ....

2: Posted by: PeteK | March 19, 2009 10:49 PM

Did they also misuse the word "energy" and "quantum leap" (which isn't a big jump in a well-defined direction, but is the opposite - the smallest possible random jump)?

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