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May 30, 2009

World's greatest troll, or genuinely obnoxious? You decide!

by Feòrag

United States: Fred Phelps has a new enemy: those dirty Yids. He's been protesting at Jewish establishments, handing out flyers blaming the Jews for killing their imaginary friend. Keeping with traditional anti-semitism, the also pretend not to know the difference between Jews in general, and the state of Israel:

Margie Phelps and three fellow church members stood on the sidewalk and held signs stating that God Hates Israel, Jews Killed Jesus, America Is Doomed, Israel Is Doomed, and ADL Jew Bullies. One of the four women had an Israeli flag tied around her waist that dragged on the ground; she stepped on the flag as she walked.

They have also added their own unique flavour of hate into the mix:

While picketing outside the Washington office of the Anti-Defamation League last Friday, Phelps' daughter Margie said that the group is now focusing on the Jewish community because church members have been testifying to gentiles for 19 years that America is doomed and they haven't gotten the message.

Now it's too late, she said. We're done with them.

Margie Phelps added that one of the loudest voices in favor of homosexuality and abortion is the Jews, especially the rabbis.

Anti-Gay Church Turns on JewsThe Jewish Exponent, 13th May 2009. Longer version of the same article here.

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1: Posted by: Abigail Phelps | May 31, 2009 1:41 AM

(Editor's note: This was caught by the spam filter, and it obviously contradicts the Prattle's policy on advertising as stated clearly on the comment form, but it's really, really funny...)

You total idiots! You need to quit being so stinking closed minded, and at least pick up the Bible and read it. If you simply read Genesis 32, you might accidentally learn something. God changed Jacob's name to "Israel" - that is where the name of the Israelites originated, i.e. the children of Jacob (Jews) are the nation of Israel - regardless of where they are physically located. How can you be so stupid, but arrogantly proclaim your intelligence. Read the Bible, shut up and Obey the God who made you. Idiots!

2: Posted by: Stuart Hartill | June 6, 2009 4:15 PM

When Vegetable Fat Phelps says 'one of the loudest voices in favor of homosexuality and abortion is the Jews, especially the rabbis', do you think the illiterate twat meant 'rabbits' but couldn't spell it?

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