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June 9, 2009

Bargain of the Day: mail-order corpus crispie

by Feòrag

A church is making a remarkable offer of interest of host desecraters everywhere: mail-order consecrated host. The cleric responsible, though, has already sussed that sensible and differently-superstitious people will take advantage of the service:

He said the organisation was taking care and concern over appropriate packaging for the wafer, which is no more than a millimetre thick, to ensure it remained intact on arrival, before adding that anyone - including atheists and even satanists - could avail themselves of the service. Jesus did not make these distinctions. He gave himself to anyone and everyone. It makes no difference, the body of Christ is redeeming.

Would that last sentence be a health claim? Enquiring minds want to know whether the Open Episcopal Church believes in transubstantiation, as that surely affects the usefulness of the cracker for shenanigans?

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