May 30, 2009

Okay, already!

I've seen this all over the place, and I've just had the umpteenth suggestion that this is a Prattle story, so here it is:

Will the Antichrist be a homosexual?... While the word homosexual is not in the Bible, the behavior of those who practice homosexuality, and God’s estimation of them, very definitely is. When the word came into existence I cannot tell you, but what we can say for sure is that when Noah Webster published his first dictionary in 1828, it was not included. This means that homosexuality is a modern word invented to replace the word Noah Webster did include, sodomy, defined as a crime against nature. This is historical revisionism in action.

It follows, therefore, that heterosexual, which is also not in the Bible, is another modern word invented to replace some other word—gomorrahry, pehaps?

Interestingly, the word homosexual is so beloved of fundie types, that I use it as a search term when I'm specifically looking for religious anti-gay hate speech. No-one else seems to use it these days.

Will the Antichrist be a homosexual?Mat-su Valley Frontiersman, 25th May 2009.

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May 28, 2009

Prattle sweep time again!

United Kingdom: How long before the superstitionists complain about this? I'm going for before the programme is even broadcast.

EastEnders is to tackle one of the last taboos left in soap, with a storyline featuring a Muslim character embarking on a gay love affair. can reveal that the plot, which will hit screens in mid-June, will see Syed Masood, a Muslim property developer with a girlfriend who arrived in Albert Square six weeks ago, fall for openly gay Christian Clarke. The pair will share an on-screen kiss.

The BBC has billed the storyline as a traditional love affair, albeit with a modern multicultural twist.

Extra bonus points if the Daily Mail declares this to be explicit gay sex, or similar.

EastEnders: Muslim character to have gay love affairThe Guardian, 28th May 2009.

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December 23, 2008

A sense of proportion

Vatican City: Someone's clearly been spiking the communion wine over at the Vatican, for the Pope has decreed that opposing pooves is as important as saving the rainforests. Dressed in an exquisitely tailored white dress and red Prada slippers, he also declared that it was vital that people stuck rigidly to the gender stereotypes his church promotes, whilst dismissing all variation from that as mere theories (like all religious bampots, he doesn't know what that word actually means) which lead towards the definitive emancipation of man from creation and the creator (Surely getting rid of our imaginary friends is a good thing?)

No doubt he and his representatives will also cry hate speech and discrimination the moment anyone calls him a bigot or, gasp, takes the piss out of him and his antediluvian cult.

Pope urges defence of heterosexualityThe Guardian, 23rd December 2008. More detailed coverage: Pope Engenders Controversy, at Bartholemew's Notes on Religion.

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December 1, 2008

Waaah! It's against my religion to do my job!

England: Yet another religious bigot has gone running to the courts after he was sacked for refusing to do his job.

A Christian counsellor from Bristol is to take a charity to a tribunal after he was allegedly sacked for refusing to work with same-sex couples.

Gary McFarlane, a solicitor and former church elder, will allege the Bristol branch of counselling service Relate refused to accommodate his religious beliefs.

Mr McFarlane will claim discrimination on the grounds of religion, unfair dismissal and harassment at Bristol Employment Tribunal Centre.

Counsellor 'sacked for refusing to work with gay couples'The Independent, 1st December 2008.

July 29, 2008

Is this inciting terrorism?

Cheryl has noticed an interesting OpEd piece in the Mormon Times, in which science fiction writer Orson Scott Card calls for terrorism against any government which allows same-sex marriage.

I will act to destroy that government and bring it down, so it can be replaced with a government that will respect and support marriage, and help me raise my children in a society where they will expect to marry in their turn.

As Cheryl comments, [p]resumably the Department of Homeland Security will be taking note, but it brings two questions to mind. Firstly, how is ensuring his children can marry regardless of the sex of their beloved stopping them from doing so? And doesn't Mormonism historically have a definition of marriage which is ever so slightly different from the one which inspires Card's violent thoughts?

A Call for RevolutionCheryl's Mewsings, 29th July 2008, citing State job is not to redefine marriageMormon Times, 24th July 2008.

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July 9, 2008

Pride ashamed.

England: The Pride London organisers have issued an apology over the discrimination meted out to a transwoman at the event last weekend, and also corrected certain details. They note that the stewards responsible were not employed by Pride London, and that [t]his incident has marred a very successful event and lessons have to be and must be learnt from it..

The full statement follows:

Continue reading "Pride ashamed."

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July 6, 2008

What does T stand for again?

England: Stewards and police at the LGBT Pride march in London yesterday seemed unclear on the nature of the event. As Roz Kaveney reports:

Official stewards who were running the toilets at Trafalgar Square announced that I, and any other transgender or transsexual woman, had to use the disabled toilets and was not allowed to use the regular women's toilets. I pointed out to the stewards that I transitioned and had surgery before they were born; I was more polite than a polite thing. No dice.

I went and fetched a posse of transwomen and transmen and we made a collective fuss. Their response - and remember these were official stewards AT PRIDE - was to radio in 'we're being attacked by a mob of trannies! send backup'. They were joined by a policeman, who was a LGBT liaison officer, who claimed that we had to be able to show our Gender Recognition Certificates if we wanted to use the women's loos and got quite upset when I explained to him that I had been involved in drafting the Act and that it did not take away rights that existed before it. At one point he threatened to arrest us for demonstrating on private property - those loos belong to Westminster Council, so you are not allowed to make a fuss there.

Needless to say, a Facebook group—Stop Transphobia at Pride—has already been created.

As one commenter on LiveJournal put it:
LGBT Pride. Ur doin it wrong.

WTF! LGBT Pride is worse than the other kindSilence Exile and Crumpets, 6th July 2008. See also Transphobia at Pride.

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July 2, 2008

What a homosexual day

United States: The American Family Association operates a 'news' outlet which, it has been recently discovered, alters stories to suit its agenda. The tinkering was noticed when they reported on the success of an American athlete:

Tyson Homosexual was a blur in blue, sprinting 100 meters faster than anyone ever has.

His time of 9.68 seconds at the U.S. Olympic trials Sunday doesn't count as a world record, because it was run with the help of a too-strong tailwind. Here's what does matter: Homosexual qualified for his first Summer Games team and served notice he's certainly someone to watch in Beijing.

It means a lot to me, the 25-year-old Homosexual said. I'm glad my body could do it, because now I know I have it in me.

The athlete's name is really Tyson Gay.

Christian Site's Ban on 'G' Word Sends Homosexual to OlympicsWashington Post Blogs, 1st July 2008.

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March 13, 2008

Bishop thinks hate is a Christian value

Scotland: A Roman Catholic bishop has decreed that lesbians and gay men are the opposition and form a huge and well-orchestrated conspiracy against Christian values. Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell, gives examples, of course, but not necessarily what you'd expect:

He singled out the actor Sir Ian McKellen, who was given a New Year honour for services to gay rights, pointing out that Oscar Wilde was locked up only a century ago for homosexual acts...

He went on: In this New Year's honours list, I saw actor Ian McKellen being honoured for his work on behalf of homosexuals, when a century ago Oscar Wilde was locked up and put in jail. It's a very small group of people, but very active and organised — and extremely indulgent. The opposition know exactly what they're doing. We don't.

He also complains that pooves remember the time when a country led by a communicant member of the Roman Catholic Church decided to kill off minority groups.

The homosexual lobby has been extremely effective in aligning itself with minority groups.

“It is ever-present at the service each year for the Holocaust memorial, as if to create for themselves the image of a group of people under persecution.

Perhaps they get that impression because people like the bishop say hateful things like that? Or maybe, as an editorial in The Scotsman points out Between 1933 and 1945, 100,000 gay men were imprisoned by the Nazis' regime and 9,000 died in concentration camps. That is justification enough for gays to remember the Holocaust.

Catholic bishop hits out at 'gay conspiracy' to destroy ChristianityThe Scotsman, 13th March 2008; Bishop's unhelpful commentsThe Scotsman, 13th March 2008. See also Fury at bishop's gay 'persecution' claimThe Herald, 13th March 2008.

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February 13, 2008

Anatomy of a sockpuppet campaign

Scotland: The organisation Catholic Truth is one of those one-person organisations, a bit like Christian Voice, which exists to get outraged at perceived slights to its imaginary friend. In the case of Patricia McKeever, what upsets her is pooves, and especially pooves in frocks. She's best known for her threat to blackmail and witch-hunt gay Roman Catholic clergy. Fortunately, the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland could see that she's a bampot, though not the MPD:

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Glasgow accused Ms McKeever of perpetrating a medieval witch-hunt. He said: Catholic Truth is a tiny group on the fringe of the Church, utterly unrepresentative of mainstream Catholicism. They are a self-appointed team of heresy hunters, who have made a habit of bombarding the Vatican with ludicrous letters.

So, who to attack next? Why not the Order of Perpetual Indulgence? After all, they've only been active in Scotland since the early 1980s. So she fired off a series of missives to the contact address for the Sisters in her home city of Edinburgh. While all purporting to come from different people, the time-stamps show that it's unsophisticated spamming, with enough time between the messages to switch accounts. The messages were all written in the same voice too, and show plenty of evidence of her not having even looked at the site beyond the contact page. Fortunately for us, the Sister concerned has made use of the Forward feature of her e-mail client.

Continue reading "Anatomy of a sockpuppet campaign"

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January 21, 2008

Christians criticise appointment of anti-gay campaigner to equality body

United Kingdom: The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement has published a 10 page document criticizing the government's decision to appoint homophobic Christian activist Joel Edwards as an Equality Commissioner. Edwards has campaigned against equalities legistlation in the past, and the LGCM report uses his own words to demonstrate why Joel Edwards should not have been appointed to the Equality Commission and should resign. The report summarises the case against Edwards on page 1:

  • Joel Edwards aggressively lobbies against law reforms introducing gay equality
  • Joel Edwards promotes groups seeking to cure gay people
  • Joel Edward’s organisation seeks exemptions from the very laws Equality Commissioners are charged with upholding

They note that the organisation he leads, the Evangelical Alliance, explicitly opposes any kind of fair treatment for lesbians and gay men.

a homosexual lifestyle is a choice and is not to be classified in terms akin to race or gender. [p.3]

Of course, Edwards regards such criticism as religious discrimination and whines I therefore find it a shame that the LGCM considers my belief system less equal than others and a barrier to my serving the British public. Of course, as a religious lifestyle is a choice, surely it's not deserving of any kind of protection anyway, at least not according to Edwards' reasoning.

Joel Edwards and The Evangelical Alliance: Opponents of human rights for lesbian and gay people [Word document]—Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, 21st January 2008; Gay Christian group criticises new equality commissionerThe Guardian, 21st January 2008.

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October 23, 2007

Handbags at dawn

There has been, as you might expect, some reaction from certain Christians concerning J.K. Rowling's revelation that one of her characters is gay. Not all the reaction is what you might expect though. John Mark Reynolds, a Creationistwho has weebled on about how delightfully Christian the Harry Potter books are is really, really upset, and insists that Ms. Rowling does not know her figment of her own imagination as well as he does. No way can Dumbledore be gay, he proclaims, and if he is, why did she not mention it earlier?

She wrote about Christianity openly by Book Seven, but if Dumbledore was gay, she decided to hide it. She hid it so well that there is no evidence of it.

But was it that well-hidden? In a comment on Making Light, Rob Hansen recalls a conversation with a literary critic:

I remember Roz Kaveney telling me at the time the book appeared that she read the Grindelward/Dumbledore relationship that way and that she figured Rowling had been careful to write it the way she had to forestall the howls of outrage from the usual far-right/religious reich cretins.

Comments elsewhere have linked to where Kaveney put that thought into writing but, naturally, I can't find any of them now. Nor does Reynolds' argument, that Rowling is no longer the sole "owner" of her own intellectual property, that coherent either.

No offense to an excellent author, but Dumbledore no longer belongs only to Rowling. He also belongs to her readers who have been given a series of books in which Rowling was free to say what she wanted to say.

Alas, for this argument, we have fanfic, where the readers take other authors' characters and write their own stories about them. If the fanfic is anything to go by, then the readers have concluded, in a loud and unanimous voice, that not only is Dumbledore gay (and probably really, really kinky with it), but so are all the other characters. And they're all at it with one another!

(via Pharyngula)

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Catching up

Some stories I missed, or didn't get round to writing about:

  • A woman who falsely accused her father of raping her as a child after undergoing recovered memory therapy on the NHS has reached an out-of-court settlement with Tayside NHS. The treatment is responsible for a number of claims of Satanic abuse, though this case had no such elements. Settlement for bogus abuse womanBBC News, 20th October 2007.
  • It seems that it's not only the Roman Catholic Church which has been covering up child sexual abuse by its clergy. The Church of England has a similar problem. C of E child abuse was ignored for decades The Daily Telegraph, 22nd October 2007. (Thank you to Andrew Ian Dodge.)
  • OMFG!!!!! A fictional character is a poof! That should upset the fundies even more. Rowling Says Dumbledore Is GayNewsweek, 19th October 2007. (My favourite quote from J.K. Rowling on the matter is in the BBC News version of the story: Oh, my god, the fan fiction.)
  • The case of a Christian magistrate who resigned because his bigotry restricted his ability to do his job has reached an industrial tribunal. Christian JP forced out over gay adoption cases, tribunal hearsThe Guardian, 22nd October 2007. See also WWJD?: Lies and Blackmail!Prattle, January 26th 2007.

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October 17, 2007

Invisible buttsecks!

England: A man so terrified of catching gay cooties that he refused to be served by a gay librarian has been held for a few hours by police. He claims his imaginary friend caused him to make offensive remarks to library staff. Joe Fairclough has now been banned from Leigh Library, near Wigan.

Man jailed in anti-gay rowManchester Evening News, 16th October 2007.

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October 15, 2007

Suspended cleric blames Satanists

Vatican City: The case of Monsignor Tommaso Stenico, suspended from his high ranking post after he appeared to come out in a TV interview has taken a new and interesting twist.

Monsignor Tommaso Stenico, a capo ufficio, or section head, at the Vatican ministry responsible for the clergy, insisted yesterday he was not gay. He said he had posed as a homosexual to research a plot by satanists.

Sex, lies and videotape: turmoil at the VaticanThe Guardian, 15th October 2007.

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October 9, 2007

Deport them to England, now!

Scotland: A Motherwell couple are claiming that Strathclyde Police discriminated against them on religious grounds because the force's personnel files have a single field for Married/civil partnership.

The couple, who have been wed 26 years, told a Glasgow employment tribunal they had deeply held religious beliefs as Christians as to the sanctity of marriage and found the description as married/civil partners offensive causing injury to their feelings as married persons.

Strathclyde Police urged a preliminary tribunal hearing to throw out their claims on the grounds of religion and sex because they had no reasonable prospect of success, or, alternatively, to order Mr and Mrs McQuade to pay a deposit of £500 each as a condition of the case proceeding further.

As well as keeping the database simple, the police point out the single field ensures that people are not discriminated against and prevents personal information being given out by accident. No disadvantage was suffered by the couple as a result of their being treated the same as everyone else.

Catholic man and wife sue cops over fileGlasgow Evening Times, 5th October 2007.

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May 29, 2007

Poland also behind the times.

Poland: It seems that Jerry Falwell is not dead after all—he just moved to Europe and had a sex-change.

A senior Polish official has ordered psychologists to investigate whether the popular BBC TV show Teletubbies promotes a homosexual lifestyle.

The spokesperson for children's rights in Poland, Ewa Sowinska, singled out Tinky Winky, the purple character with a triangular aerial on his head.

I noticed he was carrying a woman's handbag, she told a magazine. At first, I didn't realise he was a boy.

According to the BBC, most Poles are joking about her comments. One radio station even had a phone-in to determine the most suspicious children's characters.

Poland targets 'gay' TeletubbiesBBC News, 28th May 2007.

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May 16, 2007

Phelps: John 3:16 a perversion of Christianity

United States: It seems that, at some point, Jerry Falwell managed to accidentally preach a message that bore some resemblance to the recorded teachings of Jesus Christ, and that has annoyed Fred Phelps.

WBC will preach at the memorial service of the corpulent false prophet Jerry Falwell, who spent his entire life prophesying lies and false doctrines like God loves everyone.

Naturally, he concludes that Falwell must be in a well known Norwegian town, and gives his reasons. Two of them are worth repeating, the first being a bit of tedious theological hair-splitting which means nothing to the sensible.

Falwell bitterly and viciously attacked WBC because of WBC's faithful Bible preaching -- thereby committing the unpardonable sin -- otherwise known as the sin against the Holy Ghost.

Hang on, I thought that sin was specifically denying the Holy Spirit (which does not exist, by the way), not having boring arguments?

Falwell warmly praised Christ-rejecting Jews, pedophile-condoning Catholics, money-grubbing compromisers, practicing fags like Mel White, and backsliders like Billy Graham and Robert Schuler, etc. All for lucre -- making him guilty of their sins.

Ah yes, pooves. We knew they'd be mentioned soon enough. Of course, because Falwell was not fond of pooves (though he did, towards the end of his life, make the outrageous suggestion that they be treated like human beings), it makes him a hard target for Phelp's obsession with hot man-on-man sex, so the rest of his announcement makes no mention of Falwell whatsoever, just pooves. The announcement is on the home page, and will no doubt change as soon as Phelps thinks about pooves again, so here's a screenshot of the entire page (PNG, 540Kb).

WBC will Preach at Jerry Falwell's Funeral!!God Hates America, 15th May 2007 (probably).

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April 30, 2007

More Virginia Tech conspiracies

United States: More and more conspiracy theorists have been hard at work coming up with their interpretation of the Virginia Tech shootings. After all, mentally ill person goes over the edge is far too simple to be the Truth. Salvador Astucia even manages to link it in with dead Wiccan soldiers being allowed to have a symbol of their religion on their gravestones.

There appears to be a great deal of occult activity in the Roanoke/Blacksburg area of Virginia... Have the police investigated the possibility that the slayings may have been ritualistic killings associated with satanic cults? Were any of the victims or their friends followers of Wicca, which is another term for witchcraft?...

Why did the Bush Administration endorse witchcraft within the military shortly after the slayings? Unbelievable as it sounds, the Bush Administration suddenly recognized Wicca (witchcraft) as a religion within the military less than one week after the Virginia Tech slayings... How is it possible that a conservative Republican and born-again Christian like George W. Bush would suddenly allow witchcraft to be a bona fide religion within the U.S. military? This happened just a few days after Bush spoke to students, faculty members, friends and relatives of shooting victims at Virginia Tech. If the situation weren't so tragic, it would make a funny comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live. I can just picture a Bush imitator saying, You young people have endured a great tragedy, and in times like this, we need to look to the Lord for guidance. And if that doesn't work, try witchcraft! This is unreal. Is it possible the Bush Administration's capitulation on Wiccans in the military was a quid pro quo of some sort–a payment to the true killers?

Of course, this particular hypothesis ignores the fact that there have been Wiccan (and, gasp, even Satanist) military chaplains in the US forces for about 20 years now.

Not so much a conspiracy theory, and more like hate speech aimed at an already demonised minority group, one of the American tabloids has decided that Cho did it because he was a poof. Of course, it makes complete sense! Pooves always go around stalking and harassing women to have sex with them.

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March 27, 2007

Rules one, three, five, seven...

Tobago: Church leaders have failed in their efforts to have Elton John banned from the island. They were afraid that his appearance at a jazz festival would pass gay cooties onto young people.

Some Christian leaders on the Caribbean island said that the singer should be banned from performing at the festival in Tobago because his homosexuality could influence young people...

We feel it can have a negative social impact. There are some who may not be sure of their sexuality and one has to be careful about how this can create impressions on impressionable minds, pastor Terrance Baynes told Reuters on Monday.

The story also made reference to a famous Christian who said something I missed last year.

...evangelical Christian pop icon Sir Cliff Richard ... said last year that the churches should stop being obsessed with gays and show a bit more love.

Which is obviously far too Christian a sentiment for many church leaders.

Churches fail to ban Elton John from TobagoEkklesia, 27th March 2007.

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January 29, 2007

More on religious discrimination against pooves and dykes

United Kingdom: A correspondent writes to the Prattle:

I think you missed the best part of the story. As per the BBC: the little bully-mob of Archbishops claims that:

rights of conscience cannot be made subject to legislation, however well-meaning

In other words, they are claiming that if they want to do something (or perhaps that their Invisible Friend wants them to do something) then the government should not be allowed to tell them otherwise.


They are, in fact, demanding the right to be above the law in all cases, should they choose to exercise that right.


Hmm indeed. Our attention is also drawn to a petition on the government website, supporting the law. The end date has been extended, so we are asked to ignore the 17th January bit.

But here at Prattle Towers (Northern Hemisphere) we have our own modest proposal, and have our very own petition: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to allow religious organisations to discriminate against lesbians and gay men, on condition that they accept discrimination against themselves. You know it makes sense!

Another interesting petition request the extension of the law to cover trans-people: to prohibit discrimination in the provision of goods, services and facilities, includng health care,on the grounds of transsexual or transgender status

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January 26, 2007

WWJD?: Lies and Blackmail!

United Kingdom: It came as no surprise that, while the Prattle was down, a number of interesting news stories would come to light, and that others would run and run. In particular, some religious organisations continue to be upset that same-sex couples have the right to be considered as adoptive parents, and will soon have to receive equal treatment in the provision of goods and services.

One church, in particular, is desperate for the right to be bigoted, even though their own members, and people perceived to be descended from members of that church, have been, and still are, on the receiving end of discrimination. Needless to say, the church which pretends to be so concerned about children is the same one that has a long-standing problem with pædophile clergy, and a history of covering up the child abuse committed by their priests (Prattles passim, ad nauseam).

So, what honourable tactics are being used by the men of God?

Continue reading "WWJD?: Lies and Blackmail!"

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January 9, 2007

“Christians” ignoring Jesus (yet again)

United Kingdom: Jesus had quite a lot to say about the way his followers should deal with the people around them. Matthew 5:43-47, for example, is the bit where Jesus insists that you should love your enemies, and do good things for people, even if they hate you. Then there's Luke 10: 29-37, otherwise known as the parable of the Good Samaritan. And what does the Bible record of Jesus' words on homosexuality?


Which is why Christian organisations are at the forefront of protests against new anti-discrimination legislation in England and Wales, which insists that sexuality not be an issue when it comes to the provision of goods and services. And to prove their point, the alleged Christians have chosen to further ignore the words of their deity when he emphasised the importance of the Ten Commandments in Matthew 19:18, Mark 10:19 and Luke 18:20. Three out of the four gospels say that Jesus had a downer on telling porkies, so guess what the fundies have chosen to do? Let Polly Toynbee explain:

They claim the law will force all schools to actively promote homosexual civil partnerships to children (from primary-school age) to the same degree that they teach the importance of marriage. No it won't: the curriculum does not actively promote homosexuality, nor even make sex education compulsory. They claim the law will force a printing shop run by a Christian to print fliers promoting gay sex. No it won't, unless the same printers promote heterosexual porn too. Or how about this one? Force a family-run B&B to let out a double room to a transsexual couple, even if the family think it in the best interests of their children to refuse to allow such a situation in their home. Oh no it won't: it doesn't even cover transsexuals - and what a daft scenario anyway. The National Secular Society has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority. But on and on go the prurient situations the religious homophobes dream up.

It's not just barking mad fundies who want the right to ignore Jesus. The more mainstream churches have got in on the act and demonstrated the degree to which they are devoid of compassion and driven by hatred:

Lord Ferrers in the last debate said hospitals should be allowed to discriminate if they had a Christian ethos. Does that mean they do now? Are they turning away gay Aids patients? He said a pro-life Catholic hospital should be allowed to turn away a lesbian for fertility treatment. (Though any non-Catholic turning to Catholics for fertility treatment needs their head examined.) The Catholic adoption society said it will shut up shop if it has to allow gay couples to apply. Churches say they will never let out a hall to a gay organisation. Christians running soup kitchens say they want to refuse gays shelter and soup. (Soup!) The Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool threatens to withdraw all cooperation over schools and charity programmes if the law goes through. The Bishop of Rochester says it will damage church work in inner cities. (Only if his church shuts down services.) The C of E pretends that the law would force it to bless civil unions (it won't).

Still, if this means that priests have access to fewer vulnerable children, this can only be a good thing.

As Toynbee notes, many of the services provided by churches are funded by the taxpayer (and recent legislation means they can get access to more of our money). Yet they want the right to use government money to discriminate and promote hatred.

Homophobia, not injustice, is what really fires the faithsThe Guardian, 9th January 2007.

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November 9, 2006

Predictable outcome

The Vatican/France: When the Roman Catholic Church published a policy on homosexual seminarians last year, Monseigneur Tony Anatrella wrote an op-ed piece for L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper. He had quite a bit to say about pooves:

Saying that homosexuality results as a lack of plenitude and an immaturity of human sexuality, Anatrella went on to opine on the difficulty of the homosexual person to incarnate effectively this symbolic reality of spousal tie and spiritual paternity and that gay priests will need a special care, and regular interventions on part of the authority, and a life set in a constant medical and psychotherapeutic cure.

Well, according to Rocco Palmo, Anatrella is under investigation by the French authorities after allegations from a male patient:

According to the complaint, filed on 30 October in Paris, a French ex-seminarian named Daniel Lamarca said that, while being treated by Anatrella in 1987, he had sexual relations with the cleric, who Lamarca went to in the hope of curing him of his homosexuality. The patient was 23 at the time and spoke of bodily work therapy sessions with Anatrella that, according to the accuser, would progress into sex.

Palmo writes for The Tablet, a Roman Catholic newspaper.

Homosems, A Year OnWhispers in the Loggia, 8th November 2006 (thanks, Pastor Best).

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March 22, 2006

Religious? Unhappy?

United States: A religious organisation which makes the ridiculous claim that it is possible to convert from homosexuality to heterosexuality is upset that people naturally take the piss out of them. So terrified were Exodus International that the Liberty Counsel sent blogger Justin Watt a cease-and-desist letter asking him to remove an image parodying the organisation's snake oil advertisements.

Fortunately, the ACLU is on Watt's side, along with their lawyers, who argue that the parody image is constitutionally-protected free speech, and fair use.

[Straight? Unhappy?]The moment I saw the billboards last September, I was deeply offended. The inspiration for the parody I created came to me instantly. How would straight people feel if their very being, their sense of self was being so overtly disparaged? said Justin Watt, a blogger from Santa Rosa, California. Their response was to try to intimidate me into taking the image down. It’s troubling that an organization as big as Exodus would go to such great lengths to silence its critics.

The billboard, sponsored by ex-gay ministry Exodus International, read, Gay? Unhappy? After seeing a photo of the billboards online, Watt posted an altered version reading, Straight? Unhappy? on his website, Liberty Counsel, an anti-gay legal group representing Exodus, sent Watt a cease-and-desist letter earlier this month claiming the parody violated Exodus’s intellectual property rights and threatening legal action if the parodies were not removed. In a response sent today to Liberty Counsel, the ACLU’s cooperating attorney, Laurence Pulgram of Fenwick & West, LLP, called upon Exodus to drop its attempts to censor Watt, pointing to case law holding parodies to be Constitutionally protected speech.

Parodies like Justin’s are protected by the First Amendment as a form of political commentary. His point was to make a comment on a very important issue he has strongly held beliefs about: that Exodus’s tactics are wrong, that there’s nothing wrong with being gay, and that being gay doesn’t make you unhappy, said Ann Brick, a staff attorney with the ACLU of Northern California. Just as a group like Exodus has a Constitutionally protected right to say whatever it wants to about gay people, even when that view has been roundly condemned by every major psychological and medical organization, Justin has a right to use parody to voice his opposition.

ACLU Defends Blogger's Right to Parody "Ex-Gay" GroupACLU Press Release, 22nd March 2006.

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March 21, 2006

God punishes birds over gay rights

Israel: A rabbi has declared that an outbreak of bird flu in Israel is the work of God. According to Rabbi David Basri, God is angry with some of the more left-leaning political parties.

The bird flu outbreak stemmed from far-left political parties strengthening and encouraging homosexuality, Rabbi Basri's son quoted him as saying.

One of the parties aired an election commercial depicting two brides kissing. Some campaign advertisements also called for homosexual marriages to be legalized in Israel

Meanwhile, the same rabbi and his son are being investigated by police on suspicion that they are racist as well as homophobic.

According to suspicions, the Batzris allegedly made the racist comments at the conference which was held to rally support against the establishment of a bilingual school for Jewish and Arab students in the heart of the Pat neighborhood.

Rabbi David Batzri said, the establishment of such a school is a despicable and sinful act. An Arab cannot contaminate what is pure. It is forbidden to blend darkness and light. The nation of Israel is pure and the Arabs are a nation of donkeys. They are an evil disaster, an evil devil, and a nasty affliction.

Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri said, The Arabs are donkeys and beasts. They want to take our girls. They are endowed with true filthiness. There is pure and there is impure and they are impure.

Wrath of God behind Israel bird flu?Reuters, 21st March 2006; Mystical sage, son to be probed for suspected racist incitementHa'aretz, 21st March 2006

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January 20, 2006

Pussy lover criticises pooves

England: Renowned artists Gilbert and George's new exhibition has upset one or two philistines, even though it hasn't opened yet. The exhibition uses imagery from a range of religious traditions, both formal and popular.

Even before going on display today at London's White Cube gallery, the 21 new artworks - collectively titled Sonofagod Pictures: Was Jesus Heterosexual? - have aroused the fury of the Tory MP Ann Widdecombe, who has called them blasphemous in the extreme, as [Gilbert and George] will find out when finally they stand before the Son of God

In contrast, some religious people are more appreciative:

But the Bishop of Stepney, according to George, has been very polite and very nice, and requested a studio visit.

The artists told The Guardian that the work was inoffensive compared to Christianity itself:

Gilbert: Christians are abusive to humans - to women, to queers. They threaten us with hell. George: That's offensive, not us.
Artists arouse MP's furyThe Guardian, 20th January 2005.

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December 6, 2005

Treatment of LGBT people in Poland

Poland: Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people have been suffering increasing official harassment and police violence, and religion is being used as an excuse. A May 2005 protest supporting equal treatment was banned by the Mayor of Warsaw, now Poland's president, on the grounds that it was sexually obscene and offensive to other people's religious feelings.

The improvised parade still took place on 10 June, gathering more than 2,500 participants. Less than a week after that, the mayor authorized the so-called normality parade, during which members of the All Polish Youth reportedly demonstrated on the streets of Warsaw and shouted slogans inciting intolerance and homophobia...

During the year other political figures were also reported to have made openly homophobic statements, including that that if a homosexual tries to infect others with their homosexuality, then the state must intervene in this violation of freedom, calling for no tolerance for homosexuals and deviants and: Let's not mistake the brutal propaganda of homosexual attitudes for calls for tolerance. For them our rule will indeed mean a dark night.

Prime Minister Kasimierz Marcinkiewicz, an extremist Roman Catholic, is responsible for some of these statements.

More recently, a march for Equality in Posnań was disrupted by police who assaulted and arrested over 60 peaceful demonstrators. A counter-demonstration was ignored.

They were reportedly harassed and intimidated by members of a right-wing grouping known as All Polish Youth (Młodzież Wszechpolska), who allegedly shouted Let's gas the fags and We'll do to you what Hitler did with Jews.

All of this is illegal under international law. Poland is a signatory to two treaties which guarantee that all individuals enjoy human rights without discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation: the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The European Commission has already written a strongly-worded letter criticising the Polish government, and noting that under the Treaty of Nice, the country could lose its voting rights in the European Union. Nothing has been done since October though, and the violations have continued. So, Lisette, a voluntary LGBT activist, has set up a pledge at Pledgebank.

I will send a protest statement to the European Commission to protest against discrimination of LGBT people in Poland and demand that the Commission pays more attention to these issues. but only if 100 other people will do the same and sign their name here after sending the protest mail to:

I have done so, and the news links below provide a lot more information about sepcific examples upon which you might wish to comment. Citizens of the United States might like to note that the US State Department has had preceisely nothing to say about Poland's violations of international law, and has taken no action whatsoever.

I will send a protest statement to the European Commission...Pledgebank pledge, expires 31st December 2005; Polish Gays Fighting BackGay City News, 1st-7th December 2005; Poland: LGBT rights under attackAmnesty International, 25th November 2005; EU Warns Poland On, 26th October 2005.

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September 1, 2005

Psychopathic deity on the loose

United States: We were running a sweep here at Prattle Towers, to guess how long it would be before some superstitious idiot blamed their imaginary psychopath in the sky for Hurricane Katrina. Well, whoever put the shortest time won the pot.

An organisation of Christian fundamentalists claims the destruction brought on by Hurricane Katrina is God's judgment against New Orleans for holding festivals like the annual gay Southern Decadence party.

Although the loss of lives is deeply saddening, this act of God destroyed a wicked city, said Repent America director Michael Marcavage on the organisation's Web site...

...Repent America's Web site noted New Orleans' past three mayors issued official proclamations welcoming visitors to Southern Decadence. The Web site also noted the New Orleans City Council made other proclamations recognising the annual homosexual celebration.

May this act of God cause us all to think about what we tolerate in our city limits, and bring us trembling before the throne of Almighty God, Marcavage concluded, adding a biblical citation from Matthew 5:45: [God] sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

As is traditional, that particular Biblical quotation has a considerably different meaning when you read it in context. Other Christian groups have been quick to condemn Repent America's abuse of scripture, and are instead busying themselves with the relief efforts.

Religious groups: Hurricane punishment for gay event— News, 1st September 2005.

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August 26, 2005

Memo to Charles Clarke: a pair of "preachers of intolerance and hatred"

United Kingdom: Since the London bombings in July, politicians have wasted no time in deciding what to do about religious bampots. British Home Secretary Charles Clarke recently announced plans to crack down on what he describes as preachers of intolerance and hatred. He declaimed:

We must protect the traditions of tolerance that we have established in this country through centuries of struggle and that means cracking down on those who preach intolerance and abuse free speech to justify terrorism, advocate violence or foster hatred.

Spain, Italy and France had already introduced measures to facilitate the expulsion of such preachers after the bombs in Madrid, and Denmark has acted against both Islamist extremists and those who use them as an excuse to whip up hatred against Islam.

So, presumably a few of the Prattle's favourite loony Christian preachers will find themselves unable to enter European countries from now on?

Pat Robertson is surely guilty of advocating violence when he called for the murder of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez?

Mr Robertson, 75, said on Monday's edition of the 700 Club: You know, I don't know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it.

Yet have we have yet to hear a word from the Home Secretary about what action he plans to take against The God Channel, which broadcasts The 700 Club in the UK. Surely the best way to not drive young Muslims into extremism is for the government to demonstrate that it will apply the proposed lesgislation against all those who preach hate, not just the Muslim ones?

Fred Phelps would be another candidate for persona non grata status. He's just decided that he and 20 of his congregation are going to make a trip to Sweden next month to hunt down the Swedish king.

We'll hunt down your king, he said ominously to Expressen. It doesn't make any difference where he tries to hide.

Phelps' hatred of the royal family and all things Swedish is linked directly to his equally virulent hatred of homosexuals. He praises homophobic crimes, including murder. When controversial Swedish minister, Åke Green, was convicted of inciting hatred of homosexuals following an anti-gay sermon, Phelps saw red and turned his attention to Sweden.

You're doomed to spend eternity in hell, he continued. All you Swedes and your Swedish king and his family.

But Phelps doesn't seem to have any faith that his god will actually do any such thing.

The minister and twenty members of his congregation from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, are planning to come to Sweden at the beginning of September. They are bringing plenty of placards in order to spread their message that Sweden is the cradle of all evil and that the king rules a nation of sodomites.

King Carl Gustaf is their primary target.

Your king represents your doomed country and we'll find him wherever he may be.

Security around the royal family has been stepped up, though presumably Phelps and his cronies are unlikely to be allowed to enter Sweden after such a rant. And obviously, as he's the sort of preacher Clarke wants rid of, should he come via Heathrow, we will see him packed straight onto the first plane home. Won't we?

Clarke to launch hatred crackdownBBC News, 22nd August 2005;Europe moves against radical imamsBBC News, 6th May 2004; Denmark targets extremist mediaBBC News, 17th August 2005; TV host urges US to kill ChavezBBC News, 23rd August 2005; Minister of hate to hunt down Swedish kingThe Local, 25th August 2005.

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July 15, 2005

Selling The Gay

United States: Sometimes I hear about stories from other people, and these stories occasionally come not via a blog, but through some obscure mailing list. And they retell the tale so brilliantly, that there's no way I can get even close, but the thing isn't even linkable. The rest of this article is such a post, by Alex Elliott, reprinted with permission.

So here's the latest painfully earnest alarum from our friends at Focus on the HomosFamily:

Johnson & Johnson will be advertising its brand, Tylenol PM, in the July 19 issue of The Advocate, a leading gay magazine.

The ad shows two shirtless men in bed side by side. The text over one reads: 'His backache is keeping him up.' Over the other: 'His boyfriend's backache is keeping him up.'

Johnson & Johnson has been advertising in gay media since 1996. Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute, said people need to take notice.

'A lot of corporate America has bought into the idea that they can secretly promote homosexuality without their consumers noticing out there,' he said.

Personally, I would think that this ad promotes the purchase and consumption of Tylenol PM, not homosexuality. And it's in a gay magazine - read almost exclusively by people who are already pretty much sold on the whole homosexuality thing (plus the Good and Vigilant people at FotF, of course, who seem unable to tear their eyes away from such filth).

I guess we're supposed to imagine that little Jimmy Towhead will innocently pick this magazine up off the newsstand, skip over the numerous articles about homosexuality and photographs of dozens and dozens of actual homosexuals with no ill effect, see this ad, and say, Gosh - homosexuals get backaches. I want to be homosexual so I can get backaches too! and bam! he's caught The Gay.

That's not the funniest part though. This is the funniest part:

Mike Haley, director of the gender issues department at Focus on the Family, said the gay and lesbian community has a lot of expendable income, so they are targeting big corporations who are caving to their pressure.

Apparently the FotF people live in some fantasy world where the Johnson & Johnson executives are all like, We don't want to make any profit if it comes from homosexuals, and the Evil Gay Millionaires are all like, No, you must advertise to us! Cave to our pressure! and the J&J execs are totally like, No! Gay profit bad! Money bad! and the EGMs are like, Bwahahah! You must sell us Tylenol PM or we will destroy you in some mysterious way unspecified by Focus on the Family!! and the execs are all, Oh no, we submit! We are forced to make money and delight our shareholders against our will! Woe is us!!

Or something like that. Morons.


P.S. He said Johnson. Heh-heh.

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Man kills toddler he thought might be gay

United States: A man has been convicted of beating his 3-year-old son to death. Ronnie Paris Jr. was conviced his son would become gay if he did not 'toughen him up'.

He beat the boy so badly he became lethargic, stopped eating and began wetting himself. On Jan. 22, the skinny, underdeveloped 3-year-old went to sleep on a neighbor's deep-red couch while his parents studied Bible verses with friends from Deeper Life Ministries...

...Nysheerah Paris told the court her husband had beaten the boy in the head several times and slammed his body against a kitchen wall in the month before the boy's death on Jan. 28. The woman, who is charged with child neglect and could face 15 years in prison if convicted, told the court her husband was jealous of the baby, complained about not having enough sex and told her not to hug her son because he thought it might make the boy grow up to be homosexual.

Such ideas about masculinity and sexuality are a fundamental part of religious programmes which aim to 'treat' homosexuality. Obviously no-one told them about Bears.

Jury Finds Father Guilty In Death Of Little BoyTampa Tribune, 15th July 2005.

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June 23, 2005

Irony defined

New Zealand: Red Wolf might be convinced all the loons are in Australia, but it seems that the neighbours have religious bampots too. Take 'Bishop' Brian Tamaki of Destiny Church, for example. It seems, as it typical of his type, the presence of out pooves makes him uneasy:

Helen Clark's government bore much of the responsibility for the decline in the nation's moral values, he told the crowd - particularly since the introduction of the Civil Union bill, now the Civil Union Act.

Sodomy had a 10-year prison sentence [in New Zealand] once upon a time.

You thought it was just so a few people in a corner could practise their homosexuality . . . we knew the deeper agenda.

They ordered it law so they could get your child and your grandchild.

I never knew that Christians married children.

After plenty of ranting along this line, and getting upset about the existence of a Muslim MP, he whined that the media were allowed to get away with portraying us as Nazis and haters and a cult. Perhaps his hate speech might have something to do with this?

Homosexual agenda blasted by Tamaki - Rotorua Daily Post, 23rd June 2005; see also The Homosexual Agenda.

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May 15, 2005

Georgia, Where Your First Girlfriend is a Mule

United States: Neal Horsley the kind of bloke that gives other Christians the sudden urge to convert to another religion.

He doesn't like women. He doesn't like homosexuals. He happily proclaims that murdering doctors who perform abortions is a fine thing and he has one of the world's ugliest web sites filled with the insane rantings of your typical ignorant bigot to prove it. This is the warm and fuzzy chap who not only fills his site with hate speech, but posts the names and addresses of doctors who, in his opinion, perform abortions and incites people to kill them. One of his idiot followers took Horsley's advice, killed two people and injured a further 150. Horsley was so proud.

But there is one thing that Neal Horsley does like, aside from insane murderers, that is.

In a recent Fox News radio interview, the less than intelligent Horsley was asked about his background, and he cheerfully admitted to engaging in homosexual and bestiality sexual activities. Yep, this self-avowed savior of our souls is into farm animals.

Continue reading "Georgia, Where Your First Girlfriend is a Mule"

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January 20, 2005

LavenderBob LeatherPants

United States: Fundie pressure group Focus on the Family have unearth another example of the Evil Homosexualist Conspiracy trying to influence our kids into their perverted ways. It seems that several children's TV characters have recorded a single as part of a campaign to promote tolerance and diversity, including Spongebob Squarepants, Bob the Builder and various Muppets. The song chosen is We Are Family, a massive hit for Sister Sledge in the 70s, and still ever so slightly popular in gay venues (but not as popular as Kylie).

This isn't what has upset the fundies though. They are in a tizz because they are convinced that Spongebob SquarePants is a gay icon:

SpongeBob - who appears on the children's cable channel Nickelodeon - is seen as an icon for adult gay men in the US, apparently because he regularly holds hands with his sidekick Patrick.

Nile Rodgers, who wrote the song, is the founder of the We Are Family Foundation, which tries to teach children about co-operation and unity. Mark Barondeso, a WAFF representative, told a newspaper that anyone who thought the video to promote homosexuality needs to visit their doctor and get their medication increased.

US right attacks SpongeBob video - BBC News, 20th January 2005 (thank Tony!).

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December 31, 2004

With a God like this, who needs Satan?

United States: Christian hatemonger Fred Phelps seems glad that lots of people have been killed by the tsunami in Asia, especially as some of them are bound to be pooves! He also seems unaware of some of the more esoteric uses of turkey-basters.

How many tsunami-dead Swedes are fags & dykes? vacationing on their fat expendable incomes without kids to bother with and spend money on. With respect to each of these earthquake-dead perverts: He shall be buried with the burial of an ass. Jer. 22:19. Maybe Sweden can pass another law--making it a crime for God to send earthquakes and tidal waves to kill vacationing Swedish fags & dykes.

It seems strange that such a powerful deity would be so indiscriminate as to wipe out thousands of innocent people just because Sweden made use of its hate-speech law. Even stranger, as the Bible verse quoted seems to be a punishment the same God threatened to mete out for excessive bloodthirstiness.

But it seems that it wasn't just the Swedes God has it in for, as 3000 US citizens are known to have died in the disaster. This is a Good Thing to bloodthirsty Phelps, who also seems to admire murderous Islamist loons.

Yes! Thank God for Sept. 11 and 3,000 dead sodomite Americans in 2001. God sent the Muslim planes to destroy fag New York's twin towers and hurl 3,000 vile Americans into Hell. Even so, God sent Tsunami last week to exercute vengeance upon another 3,000 carcasses swallowed up in Asian jungles, and concerning each of whom it shalll be said: He shall be buried with the burial of an ass. Jer. 22:19.

America is awash in diseased fag feces & semen!
America: apostate land of the sodomite damned!

And the reason God, again, used such a blunt tool is because Massachusetts gives the same civil rights to same-sex couples as are available to opposite-sex ones. You'd think he'd make his point better if he'd got one of the gay resorts and left everywhere else alone?

It's a good thing this God character is nothing more than a figment of Phelp's sectionable imagination, or we'd have to lock him up and throw away the key.

Thank God for Tsunami & 2,000 dead Swedes!!! (PDF)—Westboro' Baptist Church News Release, 29th December 2004; Thank God for Tsunami. Thank God for 3,000 dead Americans (PDF)—Westboro' Baptist Church News Release, 1st January 2005 (oops, hope that wasn't embargoed!). Thanks to Pastor Best.

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December 10, 2004

Jesus was a poof! Pthrrrrpppp!!!!!

Scotland: An organisation of alleged Christians is upset about a play they have refused to see, and which played the Edinburgh Fringe to critical acclaim about five years ago.

Corpus Christi by American playwright Terence McNally, depicts Jesus and his disciples as gay men in a Texas town and is being performed at the Crawford Arts Centre in St. Andrews. The protestors, who haven't read the play either, insist that Jesus uses naughty words: I don't like Christ portrayed as a filthy, swearing, pervert. The play's director Zsuzsi Lyndsay, did not notice any of this, and had the strange belief that it contained a message that Christianity was for everyone, not just ignorant bigots:

She said: What we were trying to do is to reiterate the fact that Jesus is for everyone, not just for people who are straight but for homosexuals as well.

I have the deepest respect for their beliefs, I'd have even more respect for them though if they came to see the show and saw what they were picketing against.

I'm afraid that Jesus is not portrayed as a drunken, foul-mouthed messiah and if you read the play you would know that.

He doesn't say one bad word throughout the play.

One Born-Again Christian who saw the play, was much more sensible.

On leaving the opening night, she said: I consider myself a born again Christian and a lot of stuff which happened in that play, I could see as being offensive.

But we live in a world where stuff like this happens and you've to take these things with a pinch of salt.

You know what's going to happen in the play and I enjoyed it.

One member of extremists 'Christian' Voice did see enough of the play to give him an excuse to waste police time. The anonymous fundie has file a complain of blasphemy against Fife Constabulary, who are now obliged to investage rather than, say, catching rapists and murderers. The last public prosecution for blasphemy in Scotland was in 1843.

In the meantime, if you want to go and see the play, you're out of luck—its entire run has sold out.

Fury over 'gay Jesus' productionBBC News, 10th December 2004.

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November 20, 2004

Nipping pansies in the bud

Leda Horticulture provides us with a thorough list of Major Reasons People Become Homosexual. Obviously, the family environment is important in ensuring children grow up to be proper heterosexuals:

2. Having a single parent. Not having two parents makes a person queerer than a treeful of pink monkeys on helium. It just does.

3. Having two parents, but with an closer relationship to the mother than to the father. Makes boys crave male love, which they seek out through becoming leather bottoms to big mean daddy bears; makes girls wish to emulate their overbearing (possibly latently lesbian themselves!) mothers, thus encouraging them to adopt behavior which makes them unattractive to men but attractive to women.

4. Having two parents, but with a closer relationship to the father than to the mother. Makes boys want feminine affection, which they look for in effeminate men because they've learned that women cannot provide them the affection they seek; makes girls tomboyish at the same time that it makes them crave feminine affection, and if you can't just see lesbianism coming a mile away with *that* dynamic in place, well, shame on you.

5. Having two parents, but with equal and substantial relationships with both mother and father. Leads to insecurity about gender roles and the appropriate places of male and female partners in marriage relationships, which makes it seem easier to form attachments to members of one's own sex.

(via perlmonger)

October 30, 2004

Hate-Mongering Archbishops in Africa

Nigeria: It seems the Anglican Church in Africa has jumped onboard the hate train that's usually reserved for loonie fundies.

African Bishops condemned the Anglican Church's stance on homosexuality yesterday and said that they would stop sending priests to be trained in countries where same-sex relationships were accepted.

The 300 Anglican bishops who met in Nigeria for the first African bishops convention said homosexuality was an unAfrican practice and warned that congregations would turn away from a church that condoned it. Only the Archbishop of Cape Town, Njongonkulu Ndungane, offered any dissent, saying his church was committed to its entire congregation, including homosexuals.

It's almost amusing that these silly bastards are condemning homosexuality as an unAfrican practice when their silence has been deafening over the entirely African practice of raping babies in the misinformed belief that it will cure the rapists of AIDS.

Continue reading "Hate-Mongering Archbishops in Africa"

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October 2, 2004

Spain Approves Same-Sex Marriage

Spain: Spanish authorities, apparently sick of the church trying to ride rough-shod over them, have given the go-ahead for same-sex marriages.

Homosexuals throughout Spain were last night celebrating a human rights victory after the government approved legislation allowing same-sex marriage.
Continue reading "Spain Approves Same-Sex Marriage"

September 14, 2004

Televangelist Tries to Gag Gay Lover

United States: I love a story about televangelists getting caught with their pants down. This time it's Paul Crouch, founder of the world's largest Christian broadcasting network, who has called out the big guns to try and prevent a former employee from spilling the beans about a sexual encounter he had with Crouch eight years ago.

Crouch, 70, is the president of Trinity Broadcasting Network, based in Orange County, whose Christian programming reaches millions of viewers around the world via satellite, cable and broadcast stations.

The source of the allegations against him is Enoch Lonnie Ford, who met Crouch at a TBN-affiliated drug treatment center in 1991 and later went to work for the ministry.

After Ford threatened to sue TBN in 1998, claiming that he had been unjustly fired, Crouch reached a $425,000 settlement with him. In return, Ford agreed, among other things, not to discuss his claim about a sexual encounter with the TV preacher.
Continue reading "Televangelist Tries to Gag Gay Lover"

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July 1, 2004

Tutu on homophobia and injustice

South Africa: Desmond Tutu, the retired Archbishop of Cape Town, has condemned anti-gay discrimination, comparing it to the apartheid system he helped overthrow. In the introduction to a new Amnesty International book, Sex, Love and Homophobia, he wrote:

We struggled against apartheid in South Africa, supported by people the world over, because black people were being blamed and made to suffer for something we could do nothing about -- our very skins... It is the same with sexual orientation. It is a given. I could not have fought against the discrimination of apartheid and not also fight against the discrimination that homosexuals endure, even in our churches and faith groups.

He saved his harshest criticism for those who would blame God for their own bigotry:

All over the world, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are persecuted. We treat them as pariahs and push them outside our communities. We make them doubt that they too are children of God -- and this must be nearly the ultimate blasphemy, he wrote.

We blame them for what they are. Churches say that the expression of love in a heterosexual monogamous relationship includes the physical, the touching, embracing, kissing, the genital act -- the totality of our love makes each of us grow to become increasingly godlike and compassionate. If this is so for the heterosexual, what earthly reason have we to say that it is not the case with the homosexual?

Desmond Tutu: Homophobia as unjust as News, 1st July 2004.

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June 27, 2004

Campaign Office in Trouble Over Orgies

Australia: Apparently I live under a rock and missed this delightful gem that the lovely Feòrag sent my way.

A jury in Brisbane has heard claims of orgies in a unit used as a National Party electoral campaign office during the lead-up to Queensland's historic 1989 state election.

This is when the Nats were ousted from their 32 year reign in power. Their dictator in chief was Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen who finally managed to get caught out and was forced to resign in 1987. So things were not looking too rosy for a National Party win in the 1989 elections when the master of election rigging was no longer at the helm.

Continue reading "Campaign Office in Trouble Over Orgies"

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June 26, 2004

Male insecurity writ large

South Africa: IOL has published a fresh article about the 'Men Against Moffies' web site, with further details. While the site claimed not to encourage or support violence, Glenn de Swardt of the Triangle Project points out:

The website hosts a survey that poses the question: What should be done with South Africa's moffies?

Visitors to the site can vote for a series of options, including castration, deportation or 'Sizzlers them'... This distasteful reference to a tragic event in our city's history represents hate speech and promotes violence.

The 'distateful event' in question was an arson attack on a gay massage parlour last year which killed nine men.

The site uses religious books to justify its stance and, like fundie sites everywhere, has a creative way with the English language:

It crudely asks: Do you hate moffies? The silly jestures (sic) they make, the annoying falsetto whiney (sic) voices, the stupid clothes they wear?

The site has been cached, and the religious aspects are there for all to see. The site is in the form of a community blog, and one correspondent notes that the Satanic Bible mentions that any kind of consensual sex is fine - this is presumably the link between homosexuality and Satanism. And they're not only trawling the Christian scriptures for justification for their hate, Allah is roped in too. It seems that the Muslim version of the story of Sodom is more clearly homophobic than the version in the Bible...

Gays outraged by castration call on websiteIOL, 26th June 2004.

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June 25, 2004

Note to fundies: read the AUP

South Africa: A homphobic web site has recenly been pulled because it violated its host's Acceptable Use Policy. Men Against Moffies called for the reclaiming of Cape Town from the homosexual plague and claimed there was a link between homosexuality and Satanism.

Gays furious about website's 'hate speech'IOL, 25th June 2004.

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June 8, 2004

Religious Loonies Attack Playschool

Australia: A minority group of whingeing fundamentalists that go by the innocuous sounding name of the Australian Family Association — much like those notoriously rampant bigots from Focus on the Family — have set their letter writing monkeys to work complaining about the evil of Play School corrupting toddlers by forcing them to watch a segment featuring a child with two mothers. They even got their henchman from parliament, Larry Anthony, a known homophobic bigot, to play along.

Continue reading "Religious Loonies Attack Playschool"

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June 7, 2004

Gay men fund fundie bid to oppress them

The loony fundie party running in the European Parliamentary Elections in the UK on Thursday is funded with royalties from a song deliberately aimed at the gay market. Sinitta's So Macho was written by George Hargreaves, a songwriter and promoter who subsequenty turned Christian, and he has donated his royalties from that song to Opearation Christian Vote.

Ironically, he says he penned 'So Macho' not just for women but in a deliberate attempt to appeal to gay men's sense of humour...

It was a caricature of the medallion man, Hargreaves said. It was for women to dance round their handbags to and for the gay scene to go mad to on poppers, he admits. Despite this, Hargreaves does not accept the idea that his new vocation, which involves preaching on the sin of homosexuality, is hypocritical.

Those of us old enough to remember suspect the Buddhist Sinitta will not be impressed with her biggest hit being used to suppress women. Reverend's disco hit funds electoral bidScotland on Sunday, 6th June 2004 [BugMeNot] (thanks to Novice Nun the Wiser, OPI); see also Fetch the swingometerPagan Prattle, 28th May 2004.

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June 3, 2004

Marriage—so good we're not letting you have it

United States: Fundie group the Focus on the Family want to hear your views on how wonderful marriage is, so they can publish a book calling for it to be denied to pooves.

E-mail us your anecdotes, stories and observations about the value of marriage to you -- and to society. How has being married made you a better man or woman? How has seeing the marriage of a friend or relative helped teach you valuable lessons about life? How did the unique contributions of each of your parents shape who you are today?

Those are the kinds of thoughts we'd like you to share in a message of no more than 400 words. Send it to with the subject line Why Marriage Matters -- and be sure to include your name, address and phone number, in case we need to contact you.


I have only been married for eleven months, and we only bothered because of the legal and tax benefits. I admit I'm surprised how good it's been—our relationship is exactly the same as it was beforehand and we didn't start arguing like my married parents did throughout my childhood. So wonderful is it, that I would be more than happy to let my friends who happen to have same-sex partners share the joy (and especially the tax breaks).

I don't think that what they want, somehow (via Ex-Gay Watch).

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May 17, 2004

Homophobic parish to waste money

A London Anglican parish has decided not to give thousands of pounds to the Church of England, but instead to a cultic group which pretends it can 'cure' homosexuality. Why? Because they don't like pooves, and object to the appointment of Canon Jeffrey John as the Dean of St Albans. Naturally, they pretend that this is because they really like homosexuals—they just don't like them being gay.

The Rev Charles Dobbie, the vicar of Holy Trinity, said that his congregation's decision to withdraw the quota and donate funds to True Freedom had been unanimous. I told the diocese that we would be doing this with great regret in protest at the precipitate and divisive appointment of Jeffrey John, he said.

We are donating the money to the True Freedom Trust, a Christian ministry to practising homosexuals, because we love practising homosexuals and we want them to hear the truth from the trust, not falsehood.

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement is not impressed:

The True Freedom Trust is a deplorable organisation that only helps compound the sense of guilt and lack of self-worth that many gay people find themselves experiencing because of all the negative attitudes that churches of Rev Dobbie's persuasion inculcate them with.

The trust would be far more close to the spirit of the Christian gospel if it were to recognise the existence of gay people and affirm same-sex relationships in a positive and holy way.

Rebel parish to fund 'cure' for homosexuals Sunday Telegraph, 16th May 2004.

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May 7, 2004

Remember—God hates shrimp

Jack Chick has a new comic out. The Birds and the Bees continues his obssession with pooves. As one of the characters warns us:

If anyone tries to make you Gay, stay away from them.

The discussion of it over at Pharyngula is worth a few minutes of your time (via Pharyngula).

Update: Based on one of the comments made by 'Steve' over at Pharyngula, I rather too hastily threw this together in Photoshop. He is responsible for the words.

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May 4, 2004

Religious Leaders Urge Gay-Marriage Support

United States: Baptists, Episcopalians, Buddhists, Unitarians, Muslims, Jews and representatives of other faiths gathered to urge repeal of a state law defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

A Baptist leader called for social justice, an Episcopalian insisted that all couples get equal treatment, and a Lutheran — citing Washington's long history of civil rights leadership — exhorted other religious leaders across the state to stand up in support of same-sex marriages.

They gathered yesterday with 100 Buddhists, Unitarians, Methodists, Muslims, Presbyterians, Jews and representatives of other faiths to urge the repeal of a 1998 state law defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and to decry President Bush's attempt to ban gay and lesbian unions within the U.S. Constitution. Continue reading "Religious Leaders Urge Gay-Marriage Support"

April 26, 2004

Interesting Bible translation

United States: The Socastee Original Freewill Baptist Church in Myrtle Beach has a nice, friendly sign outside:

If perverts and liberals can flood the news with homosexual mess - I can say this - they will burn in hell. Romans 1:32.

Church sign reveals unfortunate bigotry - The Sun News, 26th April 2004 (via Internet Infidels Newswire).

April 19, 2004

STOP laughing at them

Canada: It's not only Chinese newspapers falling for stories in The Onion—fundies are too, and they don't have the excuse that English is not their first language, or that they are dealing with material from a culture other than the one they live in.

Continue reading "STOP laughing at them"

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April 15, 2004

No crystal ball required to see this one coming

United States: Jamiel Terry is the adopted son of Randall Terry, best known for his leadership of the anti-abortion terror group Operation Rescue. These days, Randall has been campaigning against civil rights for homosexuals. So it comes as no surprise to the residents at Prattle Towers to learn that Jamiel just came out, much to the distress of his good, Christian father:

I am still in a state of shock; I have been grieving for days. My son, Jamiel Terry, was paid $5,000 by Out magazine (to appear April 20, 2004, on newsstands) to write a story about being Randall Terry's homosexual son. I pray my following words help other grieving parents and serve as a warning to moms and dads of small children to be unflinchingly and unashamedly diligent to protect their children from predators, and bring a reality check to those exploiting my son.

It seems that his son is a screaming stereotype, too. Surely Randall must have guessed?

Jamiel is incredibly gifted. He is articulate and handsome. He sings like an angel, he plays the piano, he's a great cook, and he's a great debater... People like him. I love him. I've poured 16 years of my life into him.

After complaining at length about financial discussions within the family, Randall has the audacity to whinge He sold out our family's privacy and private discussions for cold cash. Can you imagine a family member doing that to you? Presumably giving it away for free to a fundie website is okay. My prodigal son, the homosexualWorld Net Daily, 9th April 2004 (via Ex-Gay Watch).

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Zanzibar: The Muslim loons in charge of the East African tourist trap have outlawed homosexuality in an attempt to preserve its culture. Which is a little odd, given that Zanzibar's only cultural export worth mentioning was an openly bisexual, Zoroastrian rock star.

Zanzibar outlaws homosexual actsBBC News, 14th April 2004.

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March 26, 2004

Discrimination By Law

United States: Always eager to bend over for the loony fundies, Bush has bowed to their wishes and will allow these total wankers to fire employees based on their sexual preference.

Despite President Bush's pledge that homosexuals ought to have the same rights as all other people, his Administration this week ruled that homosexuals can now be fired from the federal workforce because of their sexual orientation.
Continue reading "Discrimination By Law"

March 12, 2004

Fundies Steam Ahead With Hate Campaign

United States: Terrified at the thought their hatred of homosexuals being condemned by the mainstream, a bunch of loony fundies, with the help of the notoriously bigoted American Family Association, is fighting Mayor Greg Nickels official recognition of same-sex marriages.

A group of ministers, troubled that Mayor Greg Nickels has signed an executive order recognizing same-sex marriages from other states, will gather today at the King County Courthouse to support a lawsuit demanding an end to it.

The American Family Association, a conservative advocacy group based in Tupelo, Miss., has dispatched lawyers to file legal papers challenging local governments from California to New York that have endorsed gay unions, and Seattle is their next stop.
Continue reading "Fundies Steam Ahead With Hate Campaign"

March 8, 2004

Churches Caught Out By Same-Sex Marriages

United States: By getting married with a license in a church or synagogue, many couples are hoping to chip away at opposition to same-sex marriages among religious people.

For three weeks, the grand marble staircase at City Hall has been wedding central in San Francisco, with thousands of gay and lesbian couples lining up to be married by city officials.

But many of the couples are not stopping at the staircase. They are taking their marriage licenses and heading to a church or synagogue for a second ceremony or, in some cases, for an alternative to the civil proceeding.

The decision is driven largely by the religious convictions of the gay couples, clergy members who perform the ceremonies say. But there is also a deeply political undercurrent to the religious weddings that is creating divisions in some institutions, even those with a history of blessing gay and lesbian partnerships.

By getting married with a license in a church or synagogue, many couples are hoping to chip away at opposition to same-sex marriages among religious people, and thereby advance the broader goals of the gay rights movement.
Continue reading "Churches Caught Out By Same-Sex Marriages"

March 2, 2004

Leviticus 11:9-12

God hates shrimp just as much as those icky pooves, don't you know?

Shrimp, crab, lobster, clams, mussels, all these are an abomination before the Lord, just as gays are an abomination. Why stop at protesting gay marriage? Bring all of God's law unto the heathens and the sodomites. We call upon all Christians to join the crusade against Long John Silver's and Red Lobster. Yea, even Popeye's shall be cleansed. The name of Bubba shall be anathema. We must stop the unbelievers from destroying the sanctity of our restaurants.

(via Sister Kitty Catalyst)

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February 28, 2004

Orson Scott Card Shows his Bigotry Again

United States: Orson Scott Card, whose notorious Hypocrites of Homosexuality revealed his revolting anti-gay side, has published a new broadside against gay marriages that dresses up homophobia with more sophistry. Typical loony fundie, but this one bats for the Mormons.

The dark secret of homosexual society — the one that dares not speak its name — is how many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse, and how many of them yearn to get out of the homosexual community and live normally.

It's that desire for normality, that discontent with perpetual adolescent sexuality, that is at least partly behind this hunger for homosexual marriage.

Homosexual "Marriage" and CivilizationThe Ornery American, 15th February 2004 (via BoingBoing).

February 18, 2004

Protestants Only Want Celibate Gays

England: The Church of England came under renewed pressure from its own clergy recently to update its stance on homosexuality and gay priests.

In what appeared to be open defiance of the policy, the Rev Paul Collier, a south London priest, told the synod that his long-term relationship with another man reflected the real world that the church was failing to keep in step with.
Continue reading "Protestants Only Want Celibate Gays"

February 6, 2004

Cardinal Says Gays Are Perverts But Brothels Are Okay

Belgium: Cardinal Gustaaf Joos, best buddy of the Pope, was interviewed by Belgian soft-porn P-Magazine. He's not a fan of the gay community, I'd love to know what the distinction between gay and pervert is. And isn't signing things in your own blood one of those Satanist things?

I am prepared to sign here in my blood that of all those who say they are lesbian or gay, at most five to 10 per cent are effectively lesbian or gay. All the rest are sexual perverts, said Cardinal Gustaaf Joos on Wednesday. I demand you write this down. If they come to protest on my doorstep, I don't care. I'm just speaking out on what thousands of people are thinking but never get a chance to say... Real homosexuals don't wander in the streets in colourful suits. Those are people who have a serious problem and have to live with that. And if they err, they will be forgiven.
Continue reading "Cardinal Says Gays Are Perverts But Brothels Are Okay"

January 23, 2004

Goose, gander, sauce.

United States: The American Family Association has gone back on its promise to take the result of its poll on gay marriage to Capitol Hill.

But the AFA never counted on the power of the Internet. And once the URL to the poll escaped its intended audience, everything went haywire. As of Jan. 19, 60 percent of respondents -- more than 508,000 voters -- said, I favor legalization of homosexual marriage. With an additional 7.89 percent -- or 66,732 voters -- replying, I favor a 'civil union' with the full benefits of marriage except for the name, the AFA's chosen position, I oppose legalization of homosexual marriage and 'civil unions,' was being defeated by a 2-1 ratio.

Having tried to publicise the poll to their own supporters, and no-one else, they claim that the Evil Homosexual Conspiracy has done what they tried to do:

We're very concerned that the traditional state of marriage is under threat in our country by homosexual activists, said AFA representative Buddy Smith. It just so happens that homosexual activist groups around the country got a hold of the poll -- it was forwarded to them -- and they decided to have a little fun, and turn their organizations around the country (onto) the poll to try to cause it to represent something other than what we wanted it to. And so far, they succeeded with that.

Gay Marriage Poll Gets Annulled Wired News, 22nd January 2004.

January 17, 2004

Methodist Church to Try Gay Pastor

United States: Had to keep the title on this one, because I originally misunderstood it to mean that the church was an open, all-embracing community who were having a trial run with a gay pastor, rather than a bunch of loony fundies getting their knickers in a twist and sending the poor woman off to Coventry.

Continue reading "Methodist Church to Try Gay Pastor"

January 5, 2004

Real men don't eat tofu

New Zealand: Go easy on that chocolate soya milk - according to Ian Wishart, editor of Investigatge magazine, it can turn you into a screaming nancy boy!

We don't really know why homosexuality exists, he pondered, although the mere fact that it does would offer some pretty strong proof that Darwin's Theory of Evolution is seriously flawed... there is also some fascinating scientific research that indicates the massive increase in the use of soy milk over the past four decades has contributed to increased levels of homosexuality among men...

Unfortunately, neither a leading Australasian health foods company nor Chris Banks of have any knowledge of this stunning research:

A search by for information on the internet, usually a teeming repository for bizarre claims, yielded few hits. Although there are various organisations concerned about the alleged side-effects of soy consumption, gayness doesn't appear to be amongst them. The few obscure sources returned in our search that did seemed to put connections between soy products and homosexuality in the area of urban legend.

I was shopping with my four year old son and picked up a carton of soy milk, says Mandy, a contributor to the online Compleat Mother Forum. A lady shopping near me saw that and pulled me over to tell me that I was endangering my son's health by feeding him soy milk... and I would be hindering his 'male' growth by feeding him soy milk before puberty! I have never heard of such a thing. I don't think she meant to upset me, but the way she talked it was pretty scary.

I don't know if she meant I would be creating a homosexual person. I have no 'fear' of that. I will love my son no matter what his sexual orientation will be. I also don't see how feeding him soy will make him gay.

Investigate pointed them at Soy Online Service which has a slightly consporatorial tone about it.

The soy industry is one of the world's most wealthy and powerful and one that will steamroll anybody that dares suggest there may be problems with the darling soy, runs the website's intro. When we first questioned the safety of soy a representative of [company name omitted] told us that they had teams of lawyers to crush dissenters, could buy scientists to give evidence, owned television channels and newspapers, could divert medical schools and could even influence governments.

Banks continued to follow all the links he had been given and still turned up nothing of any significance.

Back to Wishart's reply to A cursory five minute flick through Google turned up about 6,000 items of interest, a couple of which I've copied below. There are a number of chemicals regarded as 'gender benders' by the scientific community... if you search through some of the links you'll discover 'lesbian seagulls' and 'gay fish' following environmental pollution.

This is fascinating, if not old, information: homosexuality has been well-documented throughout the animal kingdom. The only problem is, none of the links provided by Wishart indicated any links between increased levels of homosexuality among men and massive increases in the amount of soy milk consumption, and this was the claim Wishart made.

He did not investigate whether the tofu-mad Japanese have a higher rate of homosexuality than anywhere else. I suspect they don't. Dead Birds, Darth Vader, and "Homo" Soy - An Investigation!, 11th December 2003 (thanks John).

December 27, 2003

Church leader condemns homophobia

The moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland used his Christmas sermon to challenge homophobic attitudes among Christians.

In his sermon at St Machar's Cathedral, Prof Torrance said that in 2001-2002, there was a 200% increase in cases of syphillis among those having gay sex but that sufferers were still too afraid to seek help.

That fear in turn testifies to a persistent homophobia in society at large.

It is almost 2004 but gay young people in Scotland are four times more likely than others to report a serious suicide attempt, his sermon continued.

We all require a change of heart because the church not least has contributed to the prevailing homophobic mindset.

Perhaps he was thinking of Roman Catholic Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who used an interview with The Scotsman to attack homosexuality, saying that people who tolerated it were getting away with murder. 'Homophobic' church slatedBBC News, 25th December 2003; Cardinal attacks society's 'plummeting' moral standards The Scotsman, 22nd December 2003.

December 23, 2003

Diverse Families Exhibit Attacked by Pastor

United States: Despite the protestations and threats of fire and brimstone from Steve McCracken, local Bapitist pastor and resident foaming fundie loony, Beaverton School District will press ahead with its plan to present a family diversity photo exhibit that includes images of gay parents.

Continue reading "Diverse Families Exhibit Attacked by Pastor"

December 22, 2003

Catholic Priest Distributing Pr0n

United States: A Roman Catholic diocese in western Pennsylvania has become a tad miffed with Reverend John Nesbella. They have ordered the priest to cease and desist distributing Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do, an anti-gay sex pamphlet, not because it is blatant fundie propaganda, but because it borders on the pornographic.

Continue reading "Catholic Priest Distributing Pr0n"

The Boss Fighting the Bigots

United States: Replacements, a Greensboro, North Carolina company specialising in discontinued dinnerware scores 100% on the Human Rights Campaign's equality index for its efforts to ensure that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered employees can work in an environment free of hostility with equal benefits. And of course, for creating such an environment and supporting equal rights, openly-gay CEO Robert Page receives hate mail from the loony fundies who can wield a crayon through their rabid dribbling.

Continue reading "The Boss Fighting the Bigots"

December 11, 2003

Conquer the Sodomites!

Australia: Join us in enjoying the enlightening spiritual updates from the St Jensen's Parish Newsletter:

Continue reading "Conquer the Sodomites!"

December 2, 2003

Yesterday's leftovers

New Zealand: As it launched a new campaign featuring a nude man, the New Zealand Aids Foundation (NZAF) blamed the closet for a spike in HIV infection on the South Island.

Mr Price said the surge in infections in the South Island was fuelled partly by deeply closeted men who have sex with men living in isolation from any identifiable gay community, which made it difficult to reach them with support and safe sex education...

...An earlier NZAF survey revealed that men who were isolated or too scared to come out and identify as gay were highly likely to practice unsafe sex.

As Mike A. of Ex-Gay Watch points out, this profile matches that of men involved in ex-gay ministries - Christian fundamentalist groups who try to surpress their homosexuality becuase they believe it's wrong, and asks

It may be advisable for ex-gays and other antigay same-sex-attracted individuals to pay closer attention to the role that closeted sexual attractions, antigay values, and unsafe binges play in the spread of HIV. Unfortunately, the Exodus web site offers no AIDS-prevention information, except to reject condoms even as a fallback measure, and to require total abstinence from an ex-gay population prone to unsafe compulsive behavior.

Nude men feature on HIV campaign billboardsThe Press, 2nd December 2003; New Zealand Ex-Gays at High Risk of HIV/AIDS?Ex-Gay Watch, 1st December 2003.

November 27, 2003

Case law is dictatorship, says Cardinal

United States: The Roman Catholic archbishop of Chicago has declared that extending human rights is the end of democracy and the beginning of dictatorship. He is upset that the Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court recently concluded that denying civil marriage to same-sex couples was unconstitutional. Earlier he had noted that An active homosexual lifestyle is contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ, but a search of the several Bibles in Prattle Alley Library reveals the following recorded words of Jesus on the matter: .

Gay Ruling Signals End Of Democracy & Beginning of Dictatorship, US Cardinal Claims,, 27th November 2003.

November 25, 2003

Religious Turf Wars

Australia's Anglican Church is on the verge of a split, with the Archbishop of Sydney, the extraordinarily bigoted Peter Jensen, more than a little miffed over the church's position on the ordination of practicing homosexuals, in particular the Bishop of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson. The good Reverend has decreed that there is every chance he will behave like a spoilt brat and cut ties with the Archbishop of Canterbury and instead ally his group of god-botherers with the equally silly Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria.

I'm still wondering at the logic of a group, whose flock is rapidly dwindling, alienating people who want to join. But then it's not like churches have ever been big on giving a toss about their members when it gets in the way of their lust for power and money.

Religious Turf WarsSunday, 23rd November 2003.

October 19, 2003

The Gospel according to Pat.

Counterpunch lists some Pat Robertson quotes. His famous comment about feminism (a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians) is well-known, but this one has, surprisingly, escaped my attention until now:

How can there be peace when drunkards, drug dealers, communists, atheists, New Age worshipers of Satan, secular humanists, oppressive dictators, greedy moneychangers, revolutionary assassins, adulterers, and homosexuals are on top?

Which leaves me wondering how these homosexuals manage to have sex if they're all 'on top'. The Reverend of DoomCounterpunch, 18th/19th October 2003.

October 14, 2003

The devils in people's arses

Roz Kaveney has penned a huge rant about Christianity and homosexuality, which goes via Japan, India, Greece and Rome before arriving here and now:

If the Anglican church suppresses the idea of gay clergy, after an immense struggle, will a single starving child be saved? A single soldier disarmed? A single rich man persuaded to renounce obscene wealth?

September 21, 2003

Christian spell doesn't work

United States: Pat Robertson recently urged his followers to cast a spell, sorry, pray in the name of Jesus to turn Hurricane Isabel away.

On today's broadcast of The 700 Club, Robertson gave God credit for turning past hurricanes away in response to prayer.

Praying in the name of Jesus, Robertson said he believes that God will put up a wall of protection.

He added that he and those praying with him command this storm to go out into the sea and to pass land harmlessly.

Robertson has a history of blaming disasters on the behaviour of the people affected, and claiming that they are punishments from God for 'crimes' such as tolerance of homosexuality. As Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell observes:

Remember when Pat Robertson suggested that gay-pride flags in Orlando might incur God's wrath in the form of a storm? How odd, since Isabel is now heading toward Virginia Beach -- where Pat is.

Pat Robertson prays that Hurricane Isabel will turn awayHampton Roads NewsChannel 3, 17th September 2003 (via Stageleft—scroll down to find the story if you appear to have a blank right column—the layout is hosed); Taking Names: Hurricane IsabelOrlando Sentinel, 18th September 2003.

July 9, 2003

A very English resignation

The fallout from the debate over gay clergy in the Church of England has led to more resignations - in this case, a gay couple who tend the grass at their local parish church. Nigel Hughes wrote to Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury:

I have been watching the debate over your appointment of Canon Jeffery John with interest.

I am very sorry to inform you that my partner Richard Edmunds and I feel it is necessary to resign from our positions as volunteer grass cutters for All Saints Parish Church in Lawshall, Suffolk.

Given the present circumstances of the forced resignation of Canon John because of his, albeit, celibate homosexual relationship with his partner of 27 years, we felt that you would certainly not approve of an active homosexual couple tending to the environment of your beloved souls in the parish church graveyard.

Our resignation will of course put some extra strain on the existing grass cutting team. I therefore cordially invite you to fill our slot of grass cutting, which will be in the final two weeks of September.

Gay gardeners send Archbishop news, 9th July 1002.

June 18, 2003


Des Moines, Iowa, United States: Westboro Baptist Church, home of arch-homophobe Fred Phelps has offered a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a queerbasher who broke a gay man's leg and then forced him to say that he would seek God's forgiveness for being gay. No, it's not April Fools' Day. The attack took place on the same day as Phelps and friends were in Des Moines picketing a school, and is thought to have been inspired by them. Among platitudes such as A crime is a crime. Two wrongs don't make a right. and assurances that the Church does not condone violence, representative Shirley Phelps-Roper let slip the real reason they are confident to offer the reward: they think the pooves are lying and the attack never took place. Is Phelps going soft on gays? News, 18th June 2003.

Bits and pieces

Patrick Neilsen Hayden comments on religious censorship, and how it doesn't always come from where you expect. In a related matter, some religious conservatives claim that tolerance of homosexuality contributes to the rising divorce rate, so Avram Grumer took a look at US divorce statistics for the last 25 years or so.

If these figures are accurate ... the divorce rate seems to have peaked a little more than twenty years ago, and been steadily decreasing ever since. The rate in 2001 was actually lower than it was thirty years ago!

Why could this be, and what does it have to do with gay rights anyway?

Hey, maybe gay rights are actually good for heterosexual marriages. As society becomes more tolerant of homosexuality, you'll get fewer young gays marrying the opposite sex in attempts to deny their natural sexualities, and therefore fewer marriages that wind up breaking down later on under the pressure of living those lies.

May 11, 2003

No pooves please, we're British.

New employment legislation will institutionalise discrimination against lesbians and gay men according to, well, everyone except Tony Blair. The 2003 Employment Equality Regulations are riddled with exemptions which allow discrimination on superstitious grounds.

Other major changes to the original draft, allowing discrimination against atheists or others who do not share the religious beliefs of their employer, were made following strong lobbying from evangelical groups. One of the biggest loopholes allows an employer to dismiss or fail to hire an individual if he is not satisfied that they fit his own ethos based on religion or belief.

Critics claim that this would allow firms such as Stagecoach, run by Scottish evangelist Brian Souter, or Vardy, the North-east car dealership owned by millionaire Christian Peter Vardy, to discriminate freely.

No news on whether it allows gay employers the right to sack their employees if they are religious. Still, such regulations should make it easier to dismiss any employees who use this to cause trouble.

Blair gives religious employers the right to sack gay workersIndependent on Sunday, 11th May 2003.

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April 22, 2003

Tories revert to type.

One of the religious extremists carrying allegedly Christian, hate-filled banners last time Pride Scotland was in Edinburgh has resurfaced as the Conservative party candidate for Edinburgh East and Musselburgh.

John Smart said that such events as Edinburgh Pride were 'absolutely abhorrent' which will be a real kick in the teeth to Scots Tory leader, David McLetchie, who last year sent the organisers a message of support to help rebrand the party as compassionate.

Smart, the bigot, who is the parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh East and Musselburgh also warned his party leadership to think again about its efforts to become more tolerant of minorities and said that the party must stand for 'family values'.

Smart was at last year's Pride—carrying a placard, which contained a religious verse. On the abolition of Section 28 in Scotland he said: I find quite horrendous the sort of materials being provided to impressionable youngsters in schools now. It is quite vile. The focus must be on marriage between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is morally wrong. It is certainly something that ought not to be promoted.

The other candidates in Edinburgh East and Musselburgh are: Kenny MacAskill, SNP; Susan Deacon, Labour; Gary Peacock, Liberal Democrat; Derek Durkin, SSP.

Gay Pride marches are 'abhorrent' according to News, 22nd April 2003.

Update, many years later: Smart was personally responsible for Pride Scotia's continued existence. The people who organised the 2003 march got together after his remarks reminded them that no-one had organised a march for that year!

February 7, 2003

God Hates Phallic Symbols

United States: Fred Phelps has got in on the Shuttle bandwagon with a PDF flyer Listen up, America! Here is OUR report on Colombia: The 7 are in Hell. According to Phelps, God deliberately destroyed a symbol of America's technical superiority over East Texas -- home of fag-enabler Bush, presumably a reference to the President's mother Barbara because I can't see how that description could possibly be applied to George W.

Any other interpretation of the tragic events of Feb. 1 is rank atheism and fagjunk theology by sodomite propagandists.

Nothing to do with having a Hindu and a Jew on board here. Nope, God is pissed off because no-one has killed all the pooves yet, and priest, preachers and rabbis have the temerity to dabble in religion:

America is a sodomite nation, incapable of repenting... From Bush down -- preachers. priests, rabbis, politicians, pundits, reported -- all suddenly became theologians preaching lies and spinning fables about the meaning of the space shuttle tragedy. God's Arm hurled Columbia in fragments to the ground, and hurled the 7 fools into the verlasting fires of Hell -- in wrath and vengeance, laughing, mocking and deriding this nation of fags.

If a God like this really existed, I donate my soul to Satan.

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January 4, 2003

New on the blogroll

I should've added it ages ago, but has made it onto the list of blogs I read. What's it about?

Moronic behaviour and attitude knows no political, social, or economic boundaries. Hypocrisy plays no favorites. Therefore, this site is neither liberal nor conservative. It is our wish to neither uplift the poor while vilifying the rich or vice-versa. We're neither yuppies nor hippies. We're just people, just like you (we're all people), who have grown weary of the morons in our society dragging the rest of us down.

You see, we're thinkers and armchair philosophers. We want to be free to think and reason. We want to be free to live our lives and make decisions as we see fit. We are tired of the interference we get from a variety of sources. We are angry at them for trying to block us from being happy because they cannot attain happiness for themselves.

The site is strongest on stories about homosexuality and those who are scared of it.

December 29, 2002

Ah, diddums.

United Kingdom: The laws governing charities are strict, and one of the most important is that charities are not allowed to engage in political campaigning. How sad it is then, to hear that barking mad fundies, the Christian Institute are the subject of a Charities Commission investigation and could lose their tax-exempt status.

The Christian Institute, an evangelical think-tank, produced thousands of anti-gay adoption cards bearing the legend: 'In the event of my death, I do not want my children to be adopted by homosexuals.' They were published last spring when the House of Lords was debating whether to amend the Adoption and Children Bill to allow unmarried and gay couples to adopt children - a move designed to help find homes for the 60,000 children in local authority care - which the Lords finally approved last month.

The initial complaint was made by the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association who objected to money raised by a tax exepmt charity being used to promote plain, straightforward bigotry.

Gays hit back at charity on right to adoptThe Observer, 29th December 2002; Charity Commission Questions Christian Group over Anti-Gay Adoption Card.GALHA Press Release, 15th December 2002.

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November 7, 2002

It's not us, it's them demons.

The Bahamas: A Bahamian preacher is spearheading a campaign against what he sees as the deliberate work of demons. It was demons, and not people, who were responsible for a recent crime wave. So he's organised a march.

Pastor Moxey, who is coordinating the anti-vice rally, said prayers will be held to invoke divine protection against homosexuality, spousal abuse, lawlessness, witchcraft, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, stealing, lying, and other undesirable vices.

The Prattle puts a tenner on one of the ten preachers involved appearing in court for beating his wife after she caught him sharing a spliff in bed with his boyfriend.

Bahamas in 'spiritual crisis'Nassau Guardian, 6th November 2002 (probably).

October 26, 2002

Peer review doesn't mean it's done by fellow idiots

United States: A creationist group has filed a lawsuit against Los Alamos National Laboratory, Cornell University,the National Science Foundation and the U. S. Department of Energy because they've refused to publish the papers of Dr. Robert V. Gentry. Even though Gentry claims the papers scientifically disprove the big-bang theory and its assumptions of cosmic evolution, the suit is for religious discrimination.

Dr. Robert Gentry, World renowned Nuclear Physicist files lawsuit over alleged censorship of scientific evidence against the Big Bang theoryThe Young Earth Creation Club Press Release, not dated. Also check out Evolutionism contributes to spiritual blindness about the dangers of Communicating with the Dead, Communicating with Other spirits and Reincarnation, for some class LFN:

Thanks in large part to the dogmatic teaching of atheistic evolutionism in the public schools, many young people today may never learn the truth about how spiritually dangerous these practices are. The connection between evolutionism and these counterfeit spiritual experiences will be explained in more detail in the paragraphs that follow. If you are involved in these activities, or know someone who is, please take the time to look at the information presented on this page and the other links for a different, but important perspective on this phenomena (sic.).

Also The connection between homosexuality and evolutionism!

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June 6, 2002

Vultures circle Den Haag

The Netherlands: Dutch lawyers have been quick to capitalise on the death of politician Pim Fortuyn. Fortuyn's own lawyers, G. Spong and O. Hammerstein have brought charges against several politicians, journalists and web sites using a law Fortuyn himself opposed strongly. Clause 137d of Dutch criminal law concerns discrimination and hate speech:

Hij die in het openbaar, mondeling of bij geschrift of afbeelding, aanzet tot haat tegen of discriminatie van mensen of gewelddadig optreden tegen persoon of goed van mensen wegens hun ras, hun godsdienst of levensovertuiging, hun geslacht of hun hetero- of homosexuele gerichtheid, wordt gestraft met een gevangenisstraf van ten hoogste een jaar of een geldboete van de derde categorie.

Which means (my translation):

He who in public, verbally or in writing or pictures, incites hate against or discrimination against (lit. 'of') people or violent acts against people or people's property because of their race, their religion or beliefs, their sex or their hetero- or homosexual orientation, will be punished with a prison sentence of up to one year, or a third category fine.

Spong and Hammerstein argue that comparing Fortuyn to Hitler, Mussolini or Haider, or his anti-Islamic statements with anti-semitism, fall foul of this law. Their "aangifte" (lit. 'declaration') includes the offending statements. For example Matty Verkamman, in the Trouw newspaper on December 22nd described Fortuyn as een man met de intelligentie van Hitler en de charme van Heinrich Himmler (a man with the intelligence of Hitler and the charm of Heinrich Himmler)! The Anarchronicon web site is cited as having contained a picture of Fortuyn in Nazi uniform and photos of posters showing Fortuyn with Hitler's cap and moustache.

The lawyers claim they are acting in accordance with Fortuyn's wishes, even though he felt he should be free to describe Islam as backwards, and that Muslims should equally be allowed to malign homosexuality. A court in Rotterdam has already thrown out the charges, but the they've have appealed to a higher court in Den Haag. Meanwhile, the Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten (Dutch Union of Journalists) plans a counter-suit.

Stupid lawyer gamesWisse Words, 5th June 2002; NVJ opent tegenaanval over strafklachtHet Parool, 14th May 2002.

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April 26, 2002

Blaming the Pooves

United States: A New York Cardinal has blamed the child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church on gays! Monsignor Eugene Clark told his congregation that The tendency to homosexuality is a disorder, not a sin, but the practice of homosexuality is truly sinful, that the United States was probably the most immoral country in the Western Hemisphere and that problems were caused by US society being very protective of homosexuality.

An interesting rebuttal has been penned by William Saletan of Slate Magazine:

The one thing everybody knows about the Roman Catholic Church is that you're supposed to confess your sins. Everybody, that is, except the church's leaders. First they failed to come clean about sexual abuse by priests. Then they failed to come clean about having covered up the abuse. Every time they assured the public that nothing else would come out, something else came out. Now the bishops, the cardinals, and conservative interest groups have a new story. The problem, they say, is homosexuality. If the church gets rid of gay priests, everything will be fine. But the more questions you ask about this story, the more contradictions you find. The cardinals' problem isn't that they can't keep the priesthood straight. The problem is that once again, they can't keep their story straight.

He then looks in depth at four key points on which their new alibi doesn't add up.

Monsignor Blames Gay Men For ScandalThe Guardian, 22nd April 2002; Cardinal virtues, cardinal sins. The hypocrisy of blaming sexual abuse by priests on gaysMSNBC News, 24th April 2002.

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January 3, 2002

Not wanted here

United States: Notorious gay-hater Fred Phelps found himself outnumbered when he decided to picket a high school in New Hampshire for the second time in just over a year. He and 10 others from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, decided to protest after the school recognised two female students as the senior year's best couple. 20 residents mounted a counter-protest and students showed their contempt for Phelps by ignoring him and his group.

The church had previously picketed the school to protest against its decision to allow homosexual dorm parents. Then, both staff and students wore rainbow badges in support of the school. On neither occasion did locals join Phelps' protest.

Fred Phelps is best known for demonstrating at the funeral of Matthew Shepherd, a student murdered because he was gay. Anti-gay group from Kansas pickets Dover High SchoolPortsmouth Herald, 2nd January 2002 via Avedon Carol's The Sideshow.