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December 1, 2002

Any minute now, we'll be leaving for Planet Out. So where is Novice Rosemary Beads?

Now here's something we could use: a condom motorcycle! The designer is using it to travel around parts of India raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and safer sex. World Photos - Yahoo! News, 28th November 2002.

A familiar character.

United States: Not everyone who calls themself christian considers Jesus Christ to be a model for their own behaviour like the Texan Bishop below. Before we locked the door, Feòrag called out look out for Fred Phelps—he's a regular in the Prattle!.

Fred Phelps and his family are planning to target 10 Philadelphia campuses this week in an anti-gay crusade after locals treated a preacher with the contempt he deserved when he claimed that the September 11th attacks were because America tolerated same-sex relationships.

A couple of years ago, Phelps turned up at a display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt to tell grieving relatives that their loved ones were deservedly suffering in Hell. One of his trademark slogans is Thank God for AIDS. Pa. cities brace for antigay crusadersPhiladelphia Inquirer, 1st December 2002.

Someone gets it though.

A Texas bishop has called on people to pray for, and accept unconditionally, people affected by HIV/AIDS. Bishop Michael Pfeifer said:

We must keep them present in our consciousness, as individuals, and as a community, and embrace them with unconditional love. World AIDS day is a reminder of the sacredness of life of all people affected by the HIV/AIDS. People suffering with this affliction are not unfamiliar people, the objects of our mingled pity and aversion.

Bishop calls for 'love' for AIDS patients - Midland Reporter Telegram, 1st December 2002.

Blaming foreigners.

This year's theme for World AIDS Day is Stigma and Discrimination, and certain politicians and officials seem to think that this means they have to increase the amount of stigma and discrimination, rather than challenge it. For example, today's Independent includes an article about proposals to compulsarily test immigrants and other visitors to the UK - especially those icky non-white ones. Fortunately, public health minister Hazel Blears thinks it's a stupid and counterproductive idea. The World Health Organisation opposes such policies on the grounds that it is discrimnatory. Fresh calls for Aids tests at UK borders - The Independent, 1st December 2002.

And according to the BBC, a Times columnist declared that it wasn't unsafe sex, or needle-sharing brought on complacency, but asylum seekers who are responsible for the rise in new infections.

Immigration has overtaken gay sex as the main form of HIV into Britain - the government isn't tackling that, isn't doing anything about it.

Not thinking is a major contributory factor in HIV infection in the UK. Safe sex message targets rise in HIV - BBC News, 30th November 2002.

No ransom demanded.

We have kidnapped Feòrag and will release her tomorrow. Do not try to rescue her - we dipped her in chocolate and threw her into a room full of randy, redheaded, busty lesbians, and she'll be really pissed off if you show up and spoil her fun!

Today is World AIDS Day, and for the next 24 hours, the Prattle will be written by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. It's all part of Link and Think:

Link and Think is an observance of World AIDS Day in the personal web publishing communities. The project involves hundreds of webloggers, journalers, diarists and other personal website publishers, each linking to resources about HIV/AIDS or publishing personal stories about how the AIDS pandemic has affected them.

We'll be out and about in Edinburgh today. We will be blessing the drag procession as it leaves Planet Out at 2.30pm, and joining it as it trails to the Vigil at St. John's Church before going out on the scene handing out safer sex packs. Full information about World AIDS Day events in Edinburgh can be found at the (horribly broken) World AIDS Day Lothian site. But for now, we need to get our beauty sleep...

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