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December 31, 2001

Harry Potter is evil (yawn)

United States: The pastor of a New Mexico church declared that Harry Potter is the devil and he is destroying people as he urged his congregation to join in a book-burning the Taliban would've been proud of. Pastor Jack Brock of the Christ Community Church in Alamogordo admitted he had never read the books.

As well as Harry Potter books, members of the church torched Stephen King books, ouija boards, recordings by Eminem and AC/DC and even a copy of Disney's Snow White, all of which they called the work of the Devil. I hope they bought these legitimately rather than stealing them to deny the artists their royalties!

Counter-protestors wore witch hats and carried brooksticks. One of them carried a Third Reich War Ensign and placards included one reading Hitler - Bin Laden - Pastor Brock - what great company. 'Satanic' Harry Potter books burnt - BBC News, 30th December 2001

Homophobic Pseudoscience

Oh goody! I'm putting the Autumn 1998 Prattle online, and was working on the Paul Cameron article, looking for links to add to it. It turns out that fundie pseudoscientists the Family Research Institute have a web site! Check out the cheesy 50s graphics.

December 30, 2001

Nudists get their kit on

I'm in the paper (again): Nudists get their kit on for calendar.

From today's Observer

Children must choose their own beliefs. In an open letter to Estelle Morris, Richard Dawkins calls on the Government to think again about funding yet more divisive faith schools The well-argued letter can be summed up with this paragraph - This is a Catholic baby. That is a protestant baby. This is a Hindu baby. That is a Muslim baby. This baby thinks there are many gods. That baby is adamant that there is only one. But it is preposterous that we do this to children. They are too young to know what they think.


Welcome to the new, online version of the Pagan Prattle. This is the place where I'll put all those strange news stories I like, so you can come here rather than waiting months for me to get round to doing the print version. Here's some slightly old, but typical news: Benin alert over 'penis theft' panic (BBC, 27th November 2001)

Expect tales of moral panics, loony fundies and archæology, and while this gets going, why not use the links to the right to check out the most recent print edition of the Pagan Prattle?

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