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June 14, 2007

Vatican approves of rape and torture

The Vatican has told Roman Catholics not to support Amnesty International because the organisation considers that criminalising women who want to control their fertility, especially those who have been raped, is counterproductive. This is, according to the Vatican, a much worse thing than rape, torture and judicial killing.

Amnesty International does not have any position at all on whether abortion is morally acceptable and accuses the Vatican of misrepresenting its position.

We are saying broadly that to criminalise women's management of their sexual reproductive right is the wrong answer, Amnesty's deputy Secretary General Kate Gilmore told Reuters news agency.

The Catholic Church, through a misrepresented account of our position on selective aspects of abortion, is placing in peril work on human rights, Ms Gilmore said.

Vatican urges end to Amnesty aidBBC News, 13th June 2007.

June 11, 2007

Church operates protection racket

England: Further to their getting upset that someone noticed the existence of one of their buildings, the Church of England is now demanding money from Sony and access to young people to promote their particular superstition.

Sony has so far given them the attention they deserve - none.

Church demands Sony game donationThe Guardian, 11th June 2007. See also Church annoyed at game makersPagan Prattle, 9th June 2007.

Rant du jour

June 9, 2007

Church annoyed at game makers

England: The Church of England is upset because a video game features one of their buildings. In Resistance: Fall of Man, a shoot-out takes place inside Manchester Cathedral, a rather nondescript, mostly 19th century church, with Victorian Gothic Revival elements and a couple of 15th century bits, but otherwise nothing special.

The Church is threatening legal action, though they do not indicate on what basis, if the game is not removed from the shops.

Church attacks Sony over video gameThe Guardian, 9th June 2007.

Tribunal to fundie whiner: bugger off!

United Kingdom: A teaching assistant who quit her job after refusing to let a child read from a Harry Potter book has lost her case for religious discrimination. Some interesting details of the case have emerged, including her strange beliefs about the books and their author.

She also said author JK Rowling was a 'real witch' and hearing the seven-year-old girl reading out spells from the story would leave her cursed...

She said: I said this because it is known that the subject of the Harry Potter books is white magic. The main character himself is a wizard who casts spells and uses the supernatural in order to triumph in various plots.

I do not believe that there can be such a thing as a mild form of witchcraft as the Holy Bible gives express instructions against some of the practices contained in the book and I therefore objected to the child reading this book to me. It would compromise my religious beliefs.

The tribunal also found that her other claims were not true, and that she had lied about the assistant headmaster insulting the Bible to her, and belittling her faith.

Harry Potter Teacher Loses Tribunal ClaimLife Style Extra, 9th June 2007; see also Teaching assistant wants compensation for her own biasPagan Prattle, 8th June 2007.

June 8, 2007

Teaching assistant wants compensation for her own bias

United Kingdom: A teaching assistant who discriminated against a child on religious grounds is seeking compensation for religious discrimination. Sariya Allen quit her job at a London school after she was disciplined for refusing to hear a child reading aloud from a Harry Potter book. She claims the books glorify witchcraft.

Ms Allen, 47, said the mother of a seven-year-old girl who was a fluent reader had complained to the girl's teacher that the book Ms Allen had given her was too easy.

The girl then chose a Harry Potter book from her reading folder, but Ms Allen refused to listen to her reading it because God had stated in the Bible that witchcraft was an abomination, she told the Guardian yesterday. The girl went home and told her mum. I also had told the teacher that I objected to hearing that book read because of my faith,Ms Allen said.

Teaching assistant quit in protest at Harry PotterThe Guardian, 8th June 2007.

June 2, 2007

Happy people will believe anything

United States: Psychological research conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia has shown a correlation between mood and credulity. In particular, being in a good mood correlates with believing any old bollocks.

Laura King, professor of psychological sciences in the College of Arts and Science, along with a faculty member from Johns-Hopkins University, tested the notion during a series of interesting studies that examined how mood and intuition can affect a person's beliefs - even under the most unique circumstances and scenarios.

When you're in a good mood and more intuitive, you're open minded, creative and engaged in what appears to be reality, King said. You make non-rational associations.

The research investigated phenomena such as UFO and ghost sightings, sympathetic magic and cooties. So, next time a fundie tells you how great their imaginary friend makes them feel, you know what it is.

Good Moods Spark Overly Credulous Beliefs, Study FindsResearch at MU, 1st June 2007.

June 1, 2007

CofE education boss: teach myths in science class

England: The normally moderate Church of England has appointed a complete lunatic as their new head of education. Rev. Jan Ainsworth has said that the myth of Creation should be taught in science classes in Church of England schools (which are state funded), rather than in religion. To her credit, she does suggest that it be part of the history of science.

Her bosses have already started to distance themselves from her statements.

Intelligent design has place in science lessons, says CofEThe Guardian, 1st June 2007.

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