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December 2, 2010

Bargain of the Day: Chanukah round-up 5771

Time for the annual visit to Jewish Source to see what seasonal offerings they have.

A campaign I can get behind.

Fed up with Christian revisionists pretending that the winter solstice has anything whatsoever to do with their imaginary friend, Holte Ende has started up his own campaign: Let's put Woden back in Wednesday.

Of course, some fundie bampots have already noticed Satan’s false system of naming the days of the week, and also the months. Apparently

Satan has attempted to change all the things that God has set in place for us to determine when is the correct time to worship Him. Worship on the wrong day is not honouring God our Father and obeying the Commandments.

That particular site, belonging to an Australian church, does have the decency to admit that Christmas is not a Christian festival, though.

The Bible does not tell us to keep any holy day in the 11th month or in December. But, once again, Satan substituted a pagan festival of the Saturnalia, and linked it with Christ’s supposed birthday, and tales of Santa Claus.

In fact, they have an entire leaflet explaining how unchristian the festival is. For added amusement, the organisation behind the site is headquartered in a town called Woden.

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