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January 29, 2005

Movie Mix Up

United Kingdom: It wouldn't be the first time a movie mix up has made it into the Prattle, this time the heroes of our tale are Alan and Anne Leigh-Browne, from Wellington, Somerset.

A devout Baptist couple who bought a Doris Day DVD from a supermarket were shocked to find a sex film instead.

January 14, 2005

Creationists Violate State Constitution

United States: US District Judge Clarence Cooper has ordered the removal of the [in]famous theory, not a fact stickers from high school biology textbooks.

...the court hereby FINDS and CONCLUDES that the Sticker adopted by the Cobb County Board of Education violates the Establishment clause of the First Amendment and Article I, Section II Paragraph VII of the Constitution of the State of Georgia.

The full ruling [PDF] is available from the United States District Court of the Northern District of Georgia.

The People Who Owned the Bible

United States: Fantasy writer Will Shetterly has written a short story called The People Who Owned the Bible and blogged it under a Creative Commons license. Most amusing.

Then Jimmy Joe Jenkins's DNA proved he was the primary descendent of the translators of the King James Version of the Bible. At first, Jimmy was satisfied with ten percent of the price of every KJV sold and 10 percent of every collection plate passed by any church that used the KJV. But when some churches switched to newer translations, Jimmy sicced his lawyers on all translations based on the KJV. That got him a cut of every Bible and every Christian service in English. Some translators claimed their work was based on older versions and should therefore be exempt, but none of them could afford to fight Jimmy in court.

So the churches grumbled and paid Jimmy his tithe, except for the Mormons, Christian Scientists, Seventh Day Adventists, Quakers, and Unitarian Universalists. Jimmy said their teachings hurt the commercial value of his property and refused to let them use the Bible. All of those groups dissolved, except for the Unitarian Universalists, who didn't notice a change.

Go. Read. Enjoy.

The People Who Owned the Bible - a story - it's all one thing, 10th January 2005 (via Boing Boing).

January 2, 2005

A Warning From God

Fred Phelps is a recognised foaming nutball who hates everybody, so stapling his hate-filled message from god to a disaster comes as no surprise to most. However, some of the more mainstream religious leaders have seen fit to jump on the good reverend's bandwagon.

Anglican Dean of Sydney, Phillip Jensen, said the will of God involved His creation of the world but it also involved His judgment on the sinfulness of humanity.

Disasters are part of His warning that judgment is coming, Dean Jensen said.

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils chief executive Amjad Mehboob said it could not have happened unless it was God's will.

You really have to wonder who would want to go to heaven if this is the kind of reception you'd meet. I'm embarrassed enough to have to share a city with the likes of the noxious Jensen.

It was a message from aboveThe Sunday Telegraph, 2nd January 2005.

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