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February 15, 2006

Bargain of the Day: Mind Control Brain Washing Made Easy for Dummies

United States: Just when we thought we'd either broken QuePirate or he'd had a run-in with authorities, we discover that he just doesn't love us any more. He does, however, still have quite the thing for eBay.

This time he does appear to be offering a real item, usually it's something that only QuePirate can see.

Racist MP Hates Women and Muslims

Australia: Australian Federal Liberal MP Danna Vale has decided to drum up some publicity for herself over the current kerfuffle concerning the more intelligent members of parliament attempting to remove the decisions concerning the abortion drug RU486 from the loony fundie Tony Abbott and placing it under the wing of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the department that assesses and monitors all other drugs for use in Australia.

Danna Vale has decided that Australian women are too stupid to make decisions about their own fertility for themselves and is backing a move to keep the drug under the control of a man with his own tentative grip on reality. But dear Danna has even managed to get her fellow wingnut MPs off-side by mentioning her other concern over the drug.

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