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May 23, 2006

Gay? PM Says All Australians Hate You

Australia: The Australian Prime Minister has never dealt well with questions from non-tame sources, as was recently proven at a Dublin University when one student challenged John Howard to defend his efforts to entrench homophobia in Australia.

The Prime Minister John Howard has described people campaigning for gay marriage as fundamentalists.

Mr Howard says it is not discrimination to deny gay men and lesbians equal marriage status with heterosexual couples...

...Mr Howard replied that his Government had remedied much of the financial discrimination, but said most Australians do not want gay couples to have equivalent status.

According to John Howard it's all fine and dandy for him to discriminate against people based on their sexuality due to his fantasy that everyone else agrees with him. That sounds suspiciously like the turn of phrase all loony fundies use to justify their small-minded prejudices.

Australians don't support gay marriage: HowardABC News Online, 23rd March 2006 (via

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