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January 21, 2007

Warm Weather Fires Up the Loons

Australia: I have a theory that the warmer weather drags the religious loons out, from whatever rock they've been hiding under, to bask in the sun like reptiles. A quick look at the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project to map active US hate groups in 2005 shows a larger number of loons running about in the warmer states of Florida, Texas, California, Georgia and South Carolina. Likewise, a warm week in Australia (it's currently 41°C at Prattle Towers Southern Hemisphere) seems to have encouraged the zealots to disengage their tiny brains and loudly proclaim their love of their fellow man. Provided, of course, that their fellow man is the same race and religion as they are and not actually a man, because that whole homosexual thing seems to make their little heads go asplody.

This week's round up of loons brings us a showdown of stupidity between the Moslems, represented by Sheikh Feiz Mohammed and Sheikh al-Hilali, and the Christians, represented by Bruce Hales of the Exclusive Brethren and Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries.

January 15, 2007

Court Win Against Cult

Australia: One of the recent Exclusive Brethren [Prattle archive] court battles has wound up with the Tasmanian Family Court granting access rights to the excommunicated father, which will no doubt be ignored by the cult. Interestingly enough, the judge bowed to cult lunacy and insisted that the father keep his children isolated and ignorant of reality while they're in his custody.

An excommunicated member of the Exclusive Brethren sect has been ordered by the Family Court not to expose his children to television, radio or non-members of the church in a landmark decision granting him access rights.

Despite finding Exclusive Brethren members and the mother had been abusive in denying the father access visits after the Tasmanian couple's 2003 separation, his bid for full custody was denied because it would be too traumatic for the children to be removed from the secretive Christian sect.

January 8, 2007

East Timor: Jumping on the Witch-Burning Wagon

East Timor: Now that they don't have to worry about their neighbours in Indonesia killing them and taking over the country, it appears that this has freed up time for the bampots to find other methods of entertainment. Burning witches has a long history amongst the more religiously insane, so why should a little original thought stand in the way of loony fundies.

Officials say three women accused of being witches have been killed in East Timor before their bodies were burned along with their house in East Timor.

The three women, aged 70, 50 and about 25, were killed on Saturday evening in Liquica, about 40 kilometres west of the capital, Dili.

Alas, the story is little more than a stub pulled off the wire and doesn't have much in the way of details. There is no mention of why the women were accused of being witches, although the usual reasons are independence, free thought and the crime of being a local healer, so expect much the same has happened here. As East Timor is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country, I think we can see where to point the finger.

'Witches' murdered in E TimorABC NewsOnline, 9th January 2007 (via

January 1, 2007

Christmas: The Season of Giving

Australia: Christmas is generally the season when Christian religions put on a good front in the hope that they'll keep the seasonal church-goers beyond the holiday. Not so the Exclusive Brethren, who aside from becoming Prattle regulars, have shown their Christmas spirit with an exciting display of corruption, child abuse and paedophilia.

Brethren schools seem to have the enviable ability to tap parents for extremely large sums of money, even in small country towns.

Former principals, teachers and students of the Brethren schools agree the sect is able to raise millions of dollars a year from parents at concerts and auctions, called fun days. The most recent fun day in Sydney is said to have taken $1.3 million from the city's Brethren members, many of whom run successful businesses. Raising $500,000 is commonplace ... It makes a huge amount of money, she [former Brethren member, Janie] said. Even in a little country town they could get $80,000 on a Saturday, and they probably do it three to four times a year.

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