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May 31, 2007

Priest: it's me or the vibrator!

United States: A Catholic priest gave his church's organist and choir director a surprising ultimatum; quit her sex toy home party job or quit the church. He claimed that her sale of sex toys was not consistent with Church teachings.

Linette Servais, 50, played the organ and sung with the choir for 35 years. Much of her work as choir director and organist was done without pay. When her parish priest asked to meet with her, she thought it was to say thank you.

Instead, she was told to quit her sales job with company known as Pure Romance or she would lose her position in the church.

Pure Romance in Loveland, Ohio, is a $60 million per year business that sells spa products and sex toys at homes parties attended by women. It has 15,000 consultants like Servais.

Women are earning a living for themselves and are teaching each other that sex is not a dirty secret. So, obviously it's not in keeping with church teachings, especially since the buggering of small boys was in no way involved. Fortunately, Linette is made of sterner stuff.

She said her decision was not hard: She began working with Pure Romance after a brain tumor and treatment left her sexually dysfunctional. The job allows her to help other women who have similar problems.

After I got over the initial shock, I prayed over this a long time, she said. I feel that Pure Romance is my ministry.

Linette is not the only woman of faith who has made sex toy sales her ministry, more power to them. Alas, it has been mentioned, that the company in question stocks poor quality merchandise. Hopefully, their market will learn from experience. I'm still uncertain of the particular part of the bible that mentions; Thou Shall Not Sell Sex Toys.

Priest Cans Organist for Sex Toy Sales -, 30th May 2007 (via Sexuality).

May 21, 2007

Politicians Lend Support to Cult

Australia: Danny Nalliah is the nasty little man behind Catch the Fire Ministries, a cult with a history of attacking the opposition. They've managed to wangle free PR out of politicians once again.

Prime Minister John Howard and Labor leader Kevin Rudd have sent goodwill messages to an event organised by a controversial Christian group accused of vilifying Muslims.

Howard is dumb enough to forget the outcry his last encounter with Nalliah caused, but I would have expected Rudd to have more sense. You think they'd both know by now that shit sticks.

PM, Rudd lend support to controversial Christian groupABC News Online, 21st May 2007.

May 20, 2007

Brethren Caught Corrupting Local Council

Australia: There was a recent proclamation from the Brethren via their official PR wonk that they would no longer be dabbling in politics. As with all Brethren claims, that one appears to be a big steaming pile of manure too. Feòrag has pointed me in the direction of a tale about the wingnuts corrupting a local council to get their agenda sorted.

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