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August 26, 2008

Cult Founder Told to Pull Head In After Bizarre Audition Ploy

Australia: It's been a year since the antics of Kenja have darkened our doorsteps. The cult has since published several more full page ads in high profile Australian papers in strange attempts to convince the locals that their alledged paedophile leader was really a good bloke. At least the last attempt wasn't as libellous as the first and just stuck to lying about Dyers rather than lying about those who accused him of being a naughty boy. But this isn't about glorifying their leader in print, it's about their co-founder bizarre attempts to put the frighteners on a woman who pointed the finger at Dyers.

Alison Pels thought she had finally escaped the grasp of the cult Kenja Communications when she left the group in February last year.

But six months later the then 20-year-old found herself the subject of a bizarre plot by Jan Hamilton and other members of the group, who disguised themselves with fake facial hair and wigs while posing as directors of a play.

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