The Pagan Prattle: Autumn 1998


Word from the Squirrel's Nest

Ten years is a long time.


Archæology, religious silliness and the Return of the Penises.

Christian "Science"

Feòrag NicBhrìde debunks homophobic pseudoscience. This article was originally published in ScotsGay magazine.

Same Old Story

Part two of the Rebecca Brown article looks at her recent activities and theology, and those of her extremely dubious husband.

Hatred and Misinformation Against Wiccans

An Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance article summarising the different sources of anti-Wiccan hate speech, and discrimination against neopagans.

Really Auld Reekie

A look at the Caiy Stane and other cup-(and-ring) marked rocks in the Edinburgh area.


Theological Engineering Exam.


Something to look at once you've finished reading the Prattle.

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