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April 3, 2002

That must sting.

A Catholic convert willingly allowed himself to be stripped, insulted, beaten and tied to a cross last Friday. Lawrence Gitta carried the cross through Luweero, Uganda, for three hours before the bizarre ceremony which was organised by two churches in the town. Born-Again Tortured And 'Crucified' -- Kampala New Vision, April 2nd 2002 (via

Meanwhile, 18 people allowed themselves to be nailed to crosses in the Philipines, in spite of official disapproval. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines consideres the practice to be a misrepresentation of the Roman Catholic faith, and just a tourist attraction, rather than a genuine act of penance. The eight-inch nails are sterilised before use. Filipinos nailed to crosses in Easter 'sacrifice' - Ananova, March 29th 2002 (with detailed pictures).
Bishops tell faithful not to crucify themselves during Holy Week -- Ananova, March 25th 2002.

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