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November 8, 2006

Falling for Jesus

Columbia: A man who climbed a 15m high statue of Jesus in search of a miracle cure found himself in hospital with several broken bones instead.

Farmer Alipio Acosta climbed up the statue of Jesus in Ocaca, Columbia in front of a crowd of onlookers — and TV cameras — in an attempt to be cured of his epilepsy. Once at the top of the statue, he prayed for a few moments, then started to climb back down.

Unfortunately, he hadn't planned his descent route terribly well. To add to the problems, it had been raining, which made Jesus quite slippery.

As he tried to negotiate his way around Jesus' outstretched arm, Acosta dangled for a moment, before losing his grip, falling, bouncing off the plinth and then falling some more.

You saw that bit in front of ... TV cameras? Guess what's on YouTube?

Miracle seeker in Jesus plummetMetro, 7th November 2006.

The same article also points us to Jesus image appears on dog.

Darwin's Gospel strikes again

United States: A 48-year-old woman has died after being bitten by a snake at a church in Kentucky.

Snake handling is based on a passage in the Bible, in the Gospel of Mark, that says a sign of a true believer is the power to take up serpents without being harmed.

Handling reptiles in religious services is illegal in Kentucky, though the quoted penalty of a fine of $50-100 is obviously a serious underestimate.

Woman Fatally Bitten by Snake in ChurchThe Guardian, 7th November 2006.

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