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September 24, 2003

Superstitious minister 'must go'

India: Opposition politicians are demanding the sacking of a Minister who held a reception honouring 51 witch doctors, occultists, sorcerers and faith healers.

Sanjay Paswan should be immediately sacked from the Union ministry for flouting the provisions of the Prevention of Witchcraft Practices Act, 1999 of Bihar and for spreading superstition among the people, [RJD chief Laloo Prasad] Yadav told reporters here.
When the world was laying stress on development of a scientific temperament, Paswan, Union Minister of State for Human Resources Development, is busy patronising superstition in society, he said and described the minister's gesture as part of BJP's 'dhong' (ploy) to befool the masses.

Sorcery row: Laloo demands Paswan's dismissal - The Times of India, 24th September 2003.

September 21, 2003

Human Rites

Greece: Religious freedom is something guaranteed by European human rights legislation, but nobody appears to have told the Greek government, as a recent article on a Neopagan movement in Greece highlights:

One group of Hellenes, led by Panaghiotis Marinis, from the Committee for the Recognition of the Greek Religion Dodecatheon, applied two years ago for the movement to be officially recognised. The Greek government has still to make a decision on the application and, without official recognition, the group cannot build temples, have an office, or hold public ceremonies.

There are plans to take the Greek government to the European Court of Human Rights if they don't act soon. As well as administrative hurdles, such groups suffer intolerance, especially from the Church:

Making Greek society more tolerant will not be easy. According to official figures, 98% of Greeks are Greek Orthodox Christians. And Hellenes report occasional harassment. During one ceremony at a lake near Mount Olympus, Buschbeck recalls, the local Greek Orthodox Christian Bishop and some monks led a group of 100 people to the other side of the lake to oppose them. The Bishop shouted at them through a megaphone, and played cloister music through a PA system to drown out their ceremony.

Pagans fight for divine rights of old Greek gods - Scotland on Sunday, 21st September 2003.

September 13, 2003

More Canadian politics

Canada: A new challenger has emerged for the Liberal Party leadership, and Madonna-Megara Holloway has the non-specific divine entity on her side!

I feel it is my destiny to do this, Holloway said in an interview Wednesday.
I believe in reincarnation and the law of cause and effect. I believe that it's my destiny because of karmic rights or karmic liabilities - whichever way you want to look at it - that it doesn't matter what happens.

Unknown Liberal leadership hopeful claims divine ally in long-shot bid -, 10th September 2003; Madonna-Megara Holloway's web site.

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