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September 30, 2004

Elections happen in places other than the US

Australia: Politics and religion do not mix much Down Under, and candidates for election are not noted for their appeals to imaginary friends, or equally imaginary enemies. With one exception, of course:

The Rev Fred Niles Christian Democratic Party has a different view.
In this federal election it is absolutely vital for Christians to vote for Christian candidates and for the Christian party, it says.
Mr Niles group argues that while the Liberal and Labor parties were founded by people with Christian values, the religious influence has waned.
Family First Party is supported by the Assemblies of God but claims it isnt a Christian party, which is why Mr Nile reckons it doesnt deserve a Christians vote.
The biggest enemy, according to Mr Niles group, are the Greens, which Mr Nile describes as the most pagan party ever to be formed in Australia.
The Greens, by the way, have religious freedom as one of their policies. [lack of apostrophes all sic.]

In God we do not put our votes - Wodonga Border Mail, 30th September 2004.

September 27, 2004

Hospital to non-Christians - Fuck off!

England: Norwich hospital bosses have cancelled a regular fund-raising event because it might be of a pagan nature. The Sacred Celebration of Remembrance, Release and Renewal has raised cash for a variety of local charities over the past few years, and this year the Norfolk Suicide Bereavement Support Group was due to benefit. Although the event is organised by the owner of a New Age shop, it is not of a specifically religious nature:

The earth-centred, end-of-year service and celebration on November 7 marks the end of autumn and gives people a chance to indulge in meditation, reflection and relaxation for three hours.
Organiser Naomi, from Inanna's Festival -- a new-age shop selling books, gifts and jewellery in Pottergate -- said she felt she had been discriminated against and that the event was not linked to religion. Naomi, who would not reveal her surname, added: This event is non-spiritual, non-denominational and is just a chance for people to reflect in peaceful surroundings.
In all the years I have been doing this, I have never run into anything like this and it is illegal and discriminatory for them to do this.

The hospital claims some of its patients would be offended - presumably the same ones who would be offended at the hospital providing, for example, Halal food to Muslim patients.

Festival cancelled on religious grounds - Norwich Evening News, 27th September 2004.

September 16, 2004

Christians banned from learning

Uzbekistan: Two medical students have been expelled from college because they are Christians.

Sherimbetova, Artykbayeva and other Protestant students in Nukus have been subjected to a sustained campaign from the police, the secret police and the prosecutor's office this year. A teacher at the Medical Institute raided the private flat rented by Sherimbetova, Artykbayeva and two other students in April, confiscating Christian literature and forcing them to move to communal lodgings where she said they could be more closely scrutinised. The teacher also told the students that it would be better for you to work as prostitutes than to read those dreadful books

Unregistered religious activity is banned in Uzbekistan, but in the region of Karakalpakstan, Christian churches of any denomination have been refused registration and are therefore not allowed to meet legally.

UZBEKISTAN: Medical institute expels Protestant students - Forum 18, 16th September 2004.

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