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September 16, 2005

Agreement reached in case of Druids stopped by fundie officer

United States: Agreement has been reached in the case of a Druid couple who were stopped by a reserve officer (equivalent to a special constable) to preach at them. The couple were charged with several violations, even though the stop had been illegal.

Neil Caesar says the most serious traffic charge against his clients will be dismissed. Three remaining charges will be reduced to minimum levels.

Greer officials have written letters of apology and has shut down its reserve officer program.

This last part presumably means that the officer in question no longer has his witnessing opportunity.

Druid couple reaches agreement with city after traffic stopWIStv, 16th September 2005. See also It's a fundie thingPagan Prattle, 27th June 2005.

September 15, 2005

Mayor apologises for listening to fundies

United States: The mayor of a town near Colorado Springs has apologised to a local Neopagan group after she attempted to ban a fundraiser they'd organised. The attempted ban followed a complaint from a local fundie preacher, and the apology after the mayor received a dressing down from a colleague.

The Secret Garden Coven booked the American Legion Hall in Ramah for a Hallowe'en themed fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital on October 29th. Rev. Tim Tucker, of Ramah Baptist Fellowship, asked the town board to block the event, and a meeting was convened last August specifically to discuss the event. At last Tuesday's meeting, board member Nicole Allen, told the mayor exactly what she tought of the council getting involved, and the Mayor issued her apology.

Herrara's apology followed a scolding Tuesday from fellow trustee Nicole Allen, who said she was embarrassed by the board's behavior at the work session, saying it was an attempt to violate the group's civil liberties.

All I can say is we do as a board apologize, Herrara told members of the Secret Garden Coven at Tuesday's meeting. This has never come up before and never will again...

...I believe in the separation of church and state, [Allen] said. I do not believe the town of Ramah had a legal interest and should not have been involved.

I find it sad council members were willing to protest and condemn what they did not understand. This is the first time I've been embarrassed and ashamed of the actions of my fellow board members.

The fundies have vowed to continue their persecution by trying to persuade the American Legion to discriminate against Pagans specifically.

Ramah mayor apologizes to pagans - The Gazette, 15th September 2005.

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