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June 9, 2007

Church annoyed at game makers

England: The Church of England is upset because a video game features one of their buildings. In Resistance: Fall of Man, a shoot-out takes place inside Manchester Cathedral, a rather nondescript, mostly 19th century church, with Victorian Gothic Revival elements and a couple of 15th century bits, but otherwise nothing special.

The Church is threatening legal action, though they do not indicate on what basis, if the game is not removed from the shops.

Church attacks Sony over video gameThe Guardian, 9th June 2007.

June 1, 2007

CofE education boss: teach myths in science class

England: The normally moderate Church of England has appointed a complete lunatic as their new head of education. Rev. Jan Ainsworth has said that the myth of Creation should be taught in science classes in Church of England schools (which are state funded), rather than in religion. To her credit, she does suggest that it be part of the history of science.

Her bosses have already started to distance themselves from her statements.

Intelligent design has place in science lessons, says CofEThe Guardian, 1st June 2007.

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