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November 2, 2007

Science education improved; fundies of many stripes upset

South Africa: It seems that, up till now, evolution has not been taught in South Africa's schools. But it is to be included in the national school curriculum from next year, leading to allegations that it is teaching Satanism!

Godly Governance Network provincial secretary Sipho Mengezeleli said the introduction of evolution was a revolution against God and Christianity.

Mengezeleli, who has started canvassing other religious organisations in an effort to mount a united front against the department, said: This course is aimed at eroding God from people's mind. It's satanic by its very nature because it's against creation and against God.

And it's not just insecure Christians getting into the act. Some Hindus's beliefs are so shallow and fragile that they cannot tolerate their children even knowing of the existence of other viewpoints:

Hindu Society chairperson Gino Vassan said the concept of evolution goes directly against Hinduism and should not even be an option. We don't believe in evolution --we believe in reincarnation, said Vassan. We would not want something that goes against our belief to be taught to our children.

Fury rumbles over 'satanic' school courseDaily Dispatch, 31st October 2007.

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