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August 26, 2002

Conspiracy du jour

Acccording to this post in alt.conspiracy, the 1995 sadist elimination and torture of reggae radio selector Mikael Enoch of KKUP FM was the work of

Angry New Age Tarot women dedicated to totally changing and transforming society - eradicating the innocent so ruthlessly in order to replace the innocent with New Age friends. Their goal is to rid the world of traditional values, Judeo-Christian morals, and male domination that they so furiously hate and loathe.

The proof is that the deceased's radio show was replaced with a New Age one. And in case you didn't know what's so bad about that, the post concludes:

Let it also be known that most New Age teachings are derived from the Mother of the New Age, Helena Blavatsky, a russian woman who's books Adolf Hitler was absolutely absorbed with. In fact Hitler kept one of her books on his night-stand always, claiming to have read it at least 4 times. There is little doubt as to the origins and followers of the New Age - Hitler, Aquino, LaVey, Crowley, etc. Nothing needs more to be said...

So that's us told, then.

This account does not feature on writer Ras Mikael Enoch's website, but plenty of other stuff does. We learn that the Republican Party is infiltrated to the highest levels by a by a Pedophile Satanic Cult, and that police forces choose their badges carefully:

There are plenty of upside-down stars and circled pentagrams, amongst the gestapo police forces in the U.S., notably California, where they really love the upside-down ones. The same un-godly forces that rape, beat, and would crucify Christ.

Learn too about the U.S. Army's public support, of a whole satanic network that exists within it's own ranks, though we'll have to wait for the upcoming page on the U.S. Army Satanic Child Flesh Ring, and the evil actions of Thelma from Scooby Doo!

Update: A correspondent has pointed me to the Unofficial Ras FAQ. It makes most interesting reading.

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