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April 21, 2003

It's all so simple

Zarathrusta Speaks to tell us about the FINAL BATTLE: Knightly Orders Soon to Perish:

Many deceits and slights of hand have derailed scores of researchers delving into the occult and for this many have failed to uncover the slippery changes of power -- in endless cycles -- between the Hospitallers and the Templars, the Merovingians and the Carolingians, etc.
What most people do not account for in their search for the grail, is that there are two types of volcanoes on Earth, and one of them is very rare and seldom discussed. The basanite type volcano [as opposed to basaltic], is not sulfurous, it is calcitic!

Then there's the virus crystal things: Viruses resemble crystals so just think of affiliated 'creatures' as a mutation spawned from viruses, most probably from outer space originally. Salts. Virions. and, most unusually, the Dutch:

Think lily bulbs and tulip bulbs too, that seem to never die and spring back to life each year. Lily bulbs [e.g. tulips] go back to 2350 BC in written records. Most of them originally were grown at the same latitude worldwide in a circle around the northern hemisphere,linking Holland and Belgium to Japan [and oddly enough, to the Bermuda Triangle, for other reasons though].

Following me so far? Good, because This is how Mankind has been duped and defeated by the Knightly Orders, that are truly much like Insect Orders. It is time that they are booted out of our time-space continuum, forever.

Where is Saddam?

UFO Roundup offers one explanation of the whereabout of Saddam Hussain—the aliens have him.

The aliens told Saddam that they could not save his regime. However, because he had protected them from the Americans, they would show their appreciation by helping him and his family escape into space. They would not allow Saddam to fall into the hands of his enemies, the Zionists. A large UFO was summoned to Al-Ouja, and Saddam and his family departed. As to where they have fled, no one can say.

GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS--SADDAM FLED IRAQ IN A CYLINDRICAL UFO? - UFO Roundup, 16th April 2003. (Warning - turn off Javascript first).

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