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September 7, 2003

Not so SMART

United States: Fifteen years after extensive investigation revealed nothing, and the majority of law enforcement officers and social workers concluded that Satanic Ritual Abuse was nothing more than a cruel hoax, some therapists continue to exploit severely mentally ill patients and convince them that their troubles are the result of the ill deeds they have no memory of (until they've paid the therapist enough, that is), as this exchange from the Stop Mind Control and Ritual Torture Conference demonstrates.

Displaying an assortment of intricately designed knives and other implements, Jeanette Westbrook, a conference speaker from Kentucky, recounts graduating from being a Freemason sex slave to a blackmail agent for the CIA.
My father handed me over to the cult; I was like his gift, Westbrook says. When they realized that I was a gifted split -- split-personality -- the CIA got hold of me for sexual blackmail missions.
Oh, I recognize that, says Julaine, an elderly conference-goer leaning over Westbrook's shoulder and pointing to a wavy steel dagger. That's what we killed the babies with.
We were brainwashed by the cult and made to kill firstborn children, Julaine explains helpfully.
Asked where cult organizers got sacrificial babies she replies blithely, The baby farm.

The results are distressing:

Because ritual abuse has been so widely discredited, Loftus says, accusers like Brick are less of a menace to society. Still, she says most have destroyed their family networks and are perpetuating an unhealthy mental state.
They get together in these groups, reinforce each other, ooze sympathy and empathy, give each other a sense of importance, [Dr. Elizabeth] Loftus [a professor of psychology and social behavior at the University of California, Irvine] says. In the end, they stay unwell and never get help.

Speak of the Devil - Hartford Advocate, 4th September 2003.

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