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October 28, 2003

The Earth does not move!

I owe Ken Macleod a pint or two for pointing me at The non-moving earth & anti-evolution web page... which not only opposes Darwinism, but the evil theories of Copernicus too!

It's the one right under the Creationist's noses, namely, the other Creationist issue against which they continue to stonewall, i.e., the one that involves the question of whether God created a rotating earth that orbits the sun...or whether He created an immovable earth with the sun (not created till the 4th day) going around it...
...For the Creationist leadership to continue not only to turn a blind eye (and a stiff neck ?) toward these indisputable historical truisms, but to compound that dereliction of duty by giving aid and comfort to the heliocentrist granddaddy of all these Bible-basing isms, is a position that is rapidly becoming unacceptable for those in the growing ranks of Creationists who see the folly and hypocrisy of passively accepting further stonewalling against Biblical Geocentrism by the present Creationist leadership.
The time for open confrontation by Holy Spirit led, Truth seeking folks who refuse to be deterred from following the Bible on this issue or any other is approaching the midnight hour. The anti-Copernican Bible Geocentrism issue is the one issue that was perfectly designed by the Perfect Designer (Acts 15:18) to dramatically demonstrate to the churches first (HERE), and then to the world that Biblical Inerrancy and Bible Credibility are not just idle fundamentalist talk!

And who is responsible for all of this? The Jews of course!

This useless g-d that has been pushed on the world by a Theoretical Science Establishment fulfilling a Kabbalic counterfeit of the Bible's creation account, is, at bottom, an anti-intellectual, illogical, and demonstrably ridiculous concept. The destiny of this concept-as prophesied over 1900 years ago-is to have its Satanic origin exposed one hour (Rev. 17:14) after the Talmudic/Kabbalist planners consummate their ancient goal of establishing their version of a Messianic Kingdom, that is to say, a One World Government, under their control, headquartered in Jerusalem (Rev. 11:7,8).
So, having secured their pseudo-scientific evolution-based mythology as the ruling Origins Paradigm in the science textbooks of the world, Kabbalic Judaism is in firm control not only of all Jewish religion, it is just as firmly in control of the most powerful wing of Christian Fundamentalism. More, as noted, through hi-tech Virtual Reality fraud and flim-flamery in space science (HERE - HERE -HERE), all systems are go to put the Bible God out of the Creation business altogether.

Maybe that pint can wait until after I've repaired this keyboard.

October 17, 2003

Kill Old Nick

Did you know Quentin Taratino's new film Kill Bill is Satanic fetishism dressed up as courageous, inventive entertainment? That's the view of Henry Makow at Conspiracy Planet, who finds much deeper symbolism in what other people might thing is just cold-blooded, gratuitous violence:

Despite the truce, the Black lady has a gun hidden in a cereal box but she misses. Uma then delivers a large carving knife to the Black woman's heart. The child appears but is totally impassive at the sight of her dead mother. She doesn't scream or run away; she acts as if someone had killed a fly...
A narrator, sounding like an oriental sage says something like: In the martial arts you cannot afford any compassion or morality. To accomplish revenge, you must be prepared to prepare to kill God Himself, or the Buddha.
Can they be any more in-your-face? This is the Devil telling us we can have whatever we want, and nothing can get in our way, especially not God. Just so long as our stupidity is accompanied by pretension and style.
This sick, shocking movie causes psychological damage. It portrays the disgusting and repulsive as normal and natural. It is a vicious parody of our vision of happiness and the good life. It makes a mockery of healthy and genuine values.
Kill Bill brutalizes and degrades. How much longer will Americans tolerate this Satanic indoctrination?

Kill Bill: Tarantino's Satanic Indoctrination - Conspiracy Planet, 17th October 2003.

October 16, 2003

Digital photography is the work of the Devil

Canada: A Christian fundamentalist farmer has gone to court to argue that he should be exempt from having a digital photograph on his driving licence because the technology will allow central control over people's behaviour, which the Bible warns us against. George Bothwell shares many people's concerns over the use of biometric data, but it's not just privacy he's worried about:

Bothwell believes that biometrics - the use of physical identifiers such as fingerprints, retina scans and face recognition - is specifically cited in the book of Revelations as the work of agents of the devil.
He believes that anyone who allows their image to be archived by an outside agency bears the mark of the beast and will drink the wine of the wrath of God as a result.

Bothwell apparently does not know about scanners, as his concern does not extend to conventional photography--his old driving licence includes such an image. Government doing devil's work, says Ontario farmer who fears licence photo - Canadian Press, 15th October 2003.

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