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July 30, 2004

Move over Jesus, you have competition

United States: A fundie author is to appear at a restaurant in Pleasantville, South Carolina, even though her book appears to claim that she is dead. Evelyn Murray Drayton's vanity published tome, I Had to Die Exposing Witchcraft in Church, looks to be the standard-issue evangelism-by-false-witness type of publication often seen in the more extremist Christian bookshops. In it, she claims to have exposed a terrible conspiracy thanks to a prophecy made by her pastor.

The book details some of her real life experiences -- including combat with a curse of witchcraft sent her way by a church leader whom she respected and a false prophetess, and how she grew spiritually following her chilling experience...
Drayton thinks it is by divine intervention that her book is being published at about the same time various other satanic church activities are being publicly exposed.

DeBordieu teen wins gold in N.Y. (scroll down a bit) - Georgetown Times, 30th July 2004.

Avignon moves a bit

Spain: The real Pope is Gregorio XVII according to himself and his 300 or so followers. He claims to have been ordained by God, because the Vatican is controlled by Satan having been infiltrated by Masons and Communists.

Rome ... is no longer the capital of Christianity; the new Rome is the Sacred Place of El Palmar de Troya, a booklet from Gregorio's church quotes God as telling him.

Mel Gibson would approve of the Church, which has canonised dictator Francisco Franco, as it rejects reforms made in the 1960s and uses Latin. And there will be no debate over succession, as Gregorio's demise will resemble Gibson's sado-masochistic fantasy film:

Followers call 58-year-old Gregorio the last pope, and say he will be crucified. An electronic information package handed out at the church shows gory pictures of Gregorio with bleeding wounds in the hands, torso and forehead similar to those of Christ on the cross.

At the end of his reign the anti-Christ appears and he will put the pope to death, he will crucify him, and then Christ will appear and destroy the anti-Christ and a new era will begin, a middle-aged Irish man told Reuters on his way to mass.

Spanish Sect Leader Says He Is the Real Pope - Yahoo! News, 27th July 2004 (via The New American Revolutionist).

July 24, 2004

Another Letter to the Editor

The Prattle satellite office has received a missive from the seller behind a recent Bargain of the Day. Unlike his attempt at communication with the lovely Feòrag, he was forced to use the commenting form on my site, which does seem to prove that he is capable of using comment forms. It just appears that he doesn't want to directly respond to posts.

July 22, 2004

Hello Kitty is the Goddess

[Hello Kitty in a PVC devil costume]Guatemalan evangelists Juan Pablo and Kathia Leonardo have investigated a Hello Kitty craze in Hebron, and made some disturbing discoveries.

Well now we will see the relationship of the acient cult of cats and this Hello kitty character, as a matter of fact bast is still honored by some pagan cults, and that is not surprising because the greeks called her Artemis and the Romans Diana, which is also semiramis and every other pagan goddess around, Bast is represented as we said by a human body of a woman with a cat's head... that's Hello kitty description also!!, the difference is that it has cartoon non idol appearance, but as Demetrius the silversmith of Artemis, the Silversmiths of Hello kitty, a company named SANRIO (wich in chinese means Lord of the Mount), brings in no little business for her craftsmen, claiming net earnings of 114 billion yen for the fiscal year 2001.

Not only is she bringing Pagan cat worship into Christian homes, but she is doing so in a typically feline sneaky manner:

My so called theory is that there is a dumb spirit behind her, mentioned in Mark 9:16, and our children the children of Hebron are being drawn to destruction for no other reason that for the love of this world, satan Shrewdness brings this so called Toy because he knows Christians would reject Mickey Mouse, Pokemon, but Hello kitty? Oh she's so Cute, Most disturbing is the fact that Pi Beset in hebrew means mouth of loathing.

The depth of our fundagelical friends' research is stunning - it turns out that Kitty-chan's husband, Dear Daniel, is not a boy cat!

Also it is said that bastet is the goddess of the Lesbians, recently Mcdonald's launched a toy collection of Hello kittys dressed as a She and as a He, they came in such couples, of She and She but dressed as He and She, isn't that a repulsive statement of Lesbianism?????

But worst of all, she's leading little children into the occult!

[Hello Kitty with a mouth] Social Communication, without a mouth? How then does it communicate? according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience..... because anything that doesn't brings us an our children to the obedience of Christ, is not other thing but DISOBEDIENCE, And so maybe some contemptuous parents would snap... Are you saying I am exposing my children to witchcraft and sorcery!!!!!! Well maybe this parent should not wait until he sees his children in some sort of pagan practice, since the scripture says that rebellion [is as] the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness [is as] iniquity and idolatry. And adds ... Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from [being] king.! Sam 15:23 And indeed Ephesus the capital of diana, was a city with one particular trait we find in Acts 19:19, .... And a number of those who practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all, witchcraft and ocultism is deeply linked to the goddess diana, artemis or bastet, all the names refer to same evil force... , even we find october 31st to be her day.

Of course, as the above still from 80s cartoon series Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater shows, Hello Kitty does have a mouth, and uses it to communicate using new-fangled inventions called 'speech' and 'language'.

HELLO KITTY OR HELL OF KITTY - Kjos Ministries, 2003.

Letter to the Editor

Sometimes people mail the Prattle, rather then using the comments. Imagine my surprise, upon my return from the pub last night, to find my inbox graced with a missive from the vendor of a recent Bargain of the Day. Unfortunately, like the auction description, it is not in English:

I see my add cought your attention to the point of adding it to your web site - fine by me - but tell me don't you guys see the absolute mathematical certainty of it - I dont mean just the so called circular argument (which I'd like to know what you mean bye that) but the fact that the numbers I describe to add together = 666 is the correct biblical meaning of this number- I'm not selling you anything - I'm anouncing my arrival - see I make all things new!
I'd buy some canned food if I were you. till you all get over the transition Q

July 15, 2004

Cremation Street

Mexico: Tan infinito como el desierto, a soap opera about a series of mysterious murders in Ciudad Juárez has caused outrage because of the way it focusses on lines of enquiry that police have already ruled out.

According to a June 1, 2004 Reuters article the five part series recreates a murder every night of its run and explores a different line of police inquiry into the killings. These lines of investigation include the creation of snuff films, Satanic masses and copy-cat killings based on previous serial murderers.

In reality, the murders are not all linked, and two-thirds of the dead women were victims of all-too-real domestic violence.

In recent years, snuff films and Satanism have not been seen as the likely origins of the violence which has claimed over 300 women's lives since 1993. Many of these women were killed by their spouses or partners. More than 100 were killed in a serial manner which includes abduction and typically rape (which can sometimes not be confirmed from forensic evidence). The primary suspects in these killings include sexual predators, a group of wealthy men and/or drug traffickers.
An article in the Ciudad Juárez newspaper El Diario states that victims' family members have said that they will sue Azteca if they are not reimbursed for the company's unauthorized use of their daughters' names and images.

Juárez Serial-Killing Soap Opera Draws Fire, Newspaper Criticized - Frontera NorteSur, 13th July 2004 (also at Pacific News Service).

July 2, 2004

Invoking mermaids

Cornwall: Andrew Ian Dodge draws my attention to a news story with the words He was into the occult and he was murdered so...let's make assumptions!. It would be hard to improve on that summary.

Peter Solheim was a parish councillor, and a father of three, and his body was pulled out of the sea by fishermen two weeks ago. There are discrepancies between where his body and his dinghy were found, which leads police to suspect foul play. But the clincher is that he was a druid, and was a bit weird.

He joined a druid sect in St Merryn, Cornwall, several years ago and took part in rituals such as dancing around stone circles. A member said: It became clear that he wanted to go into areas that everyone else felt uncomfortable with. He was always making knives and swords.

And he was a bit of a loner, something which concerned someone calling themselves the arch-druid of Cornwall, who insisted that there's something odd about solitary neopagans.

Ed Prynn, the arch-druid of Cornwall, said: Pagan worship is meant to be a shared experience but he went off on his own to do it.

The arch-druid demonstrated the in-depth knowledge that earned him his title when he spoke to the BBC: I always teach people not to dabble with the occult, the darker side. Clearly a definition of occult gleaned from loony fundie nonsense.

This is, of course, from reasonably sober news sources. What about the tabloids? Well, as far as they're concerned, he was a Satanist. The Daily Mirror shouts

A MURDERED father of three was obsessed with Satanism and cast frightening black magic spells, friends said yesterday...
One sect member said: He became involved with Satanism and liked to perform lone rituals. He was always making knives and swords. We worried about him.

None of which helps determine if he was killed, or just got washed off his boat.

Drowned man linked to occult - Daily Telegraph, 2nd July 2004; Occult link to drowned councillor - BBC News, 2nd July 2004; 'SATANIC SPELLS' OF DEAD DAD - Daily Mirror, 2nd July 2004.

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