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July 10, 2005

London: it was the Conspiracy, you know

One of today's additions to The Great London Bombing Conspiracy List points the finger of blame at many of the Usual Suspects in the exciting world of conspiracy theory:

The actual perpetrators of this act of terrorism are an unnamed and shadowy group of ultra-extremist left-wing republican journalists, photographers, and editors who are normally based in Southern Ontario. This fringe group of diabolical wordsmiths have a secretive history that can be traced back to the Gutenberg Revolution. It is known that this group of vile manipulators are the puppet masters largely responsible for pulling the strings of more well known but informal economic and political groups like the Freemasons, the Barvairan Illuminati, and the Buildibergers...

...The London bombings were a response to an unexpected setback to their plans for Global domination and Control. Specifically, their coordinated reportage of the recent Karla Homolka media-op somehow went awry, possibly because of an unpredictable accident of misadventure by their star player, Karla herself. This could have not occurred at a more inopportune time as the public psycho-social indicators of affect being fanned by the KH media-op were approaching a critical juncture. Left high and dry by the presumed loss of their irriplaceable media icon-subject, there was no option but to put into motion a diversionary emercency plan. Hence, the London debacle...

For those who are not entirely familiar with this particular conspiracy, it is difficult to show cause, fact, evidence, and motive. Interpretation of the relevant literature requires a great deal of study and training in a variety of difficult fields. There is no time or space in this brief article to provide much detail, but it can be said that a comprehensive Google search on key phrases contained within this text will lead to the vast majority of the critical background literature.

And then it gets so completly bizarre that one begins to wonder if we have a travesty-generated entry to the Joke Conspiracies category:

Local psycho-social indicators such as the software update to the Christie Blatchford auto-rant AI expert system, and the intensification of the Rex Murphy Psycho-Linguistic Mass Semiotic Positive Feedback Loop have been detected by our specialists, who are tirelessly watching and analysing the relevant critical indicators. Anomalous spikes in the Pseudo-Real Public Emotive Indicies have been identified, but as yet there is no conclusive linkage to a causitive originator.

That makes almost as much sense as QuePirate!

The real truth behind the London bombings. - Steve in alt.conspiracy, 9th July 2005.

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July 7, 2005

The Great London Bombing Conspiracy List

United Kingdom: It didn't take long for the conspiracy theorists to get to work on the London bombing, after all it couldn't possibly be the work of a few religious bampots, could it? Most of them bear a stunning resemblance to the ones surrounding September 11th 2001. So, here are the ones we have so far:

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