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November 8, 2007

Guess what?

It didn't take long for the first conspiracy theories concerning the Finnish school shootings to emerge. First up is Peter Farley with his The Finnish School Shootings and Implanted Programming, which starts by reminding us that nothing happens by chance:

The school shooting in Finland is not a random chaotic act as the New World Order would want us all to believe. These kids are programmed for such acts just like Manchurian Candidates and those in the old Charles Bronson movie, Telefon. We see only about 1% of what's actually taking place around us when all we do is look at the 3D world of day-to-day sight and sound -- the metaphoric tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The other 99% lies somewhere beneath the level of this 3rd dimensional seeing and hearing, and are the real causes and effects of everything we are living every second of the day.

He goes on to explain all about etheric implants cylindrical objects which he says are placed in people's chests and which, surprise surprise, he can remove for you. It all sounds terribly dramatic.

Many people have negative programming and devices installed in their etheric fields somewhere for purposes, conscious or unconscious, not in alignment with their own Higher Will. Over the past week one person who requested my help turned out to have just such etheric implants that would have made him what Guidance called 'a saboteur'. Before we could go anywhere with him two 'cylindrical devices' implanted in his chest 'etherically' needed to be removed. These were like the detonating mechanisms we see in movies about nuclear weapons being exploded. Both had combination locks on them that needed to be worked before these devices could be lifted free and thrown into the Light for disposal. Many times in such work it unbelievably comes down to a matter of cutting the red wire or the blue wire, and thank God for Guidance.

Naturally, he has an idea of who is behind all this. Or his patient does -- it's hard to tell:

My guess is the implants are from a reptilian/grey connection. As to a saboteur, I've done a lot of that in my lifetime, but it's always been against people I perceive to be corrupted powerful people and I'm working hard now to sabotage the "New W-orld O-rder". I have a real hard time imagining how I could be turned to sabotage anyone else, for instance like Ron Paul

Of course, Conspiracy Nation got in on the act, with an edition entitled Shooter: "The Revolution Begins Today". This version of events has more tofu to it, including good old numerology.

Besides being reportedly the 311th day of the year, yesterday, November 7th, has a European 7-11 significance. Over there, they write November 7th as 7 November 2007, i.e., 7/11.

But the gist of this conspiracy is that it has something to do with the financial markets, the rising price of oil and the bailing out of a British bank. No effort is made to expand on the numerology, alas.

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