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January 12, 2005

A solstice story we missed

England: Even though the Satanic abuse myth was thoroughly discredited in the 1990s, London's Metropolitan Police has found itself having to defend a decision to send 30 officers on a course to learn how to spot it. Professor Jean La Fontaine, who led the 1994 research, is not amused.

She told BBC News I feel quite strongly that the pursuit of exotic cases which are categorised as Satanic is actually detracting from our search of abusers of children in less exotic ways.

Ten years on, and I would expect the information and conclusions to have been assimilated into everybody's approach to solving cases of this sort.

But it appears the lessons have not yet been learnt.

The Met has recently been trying to deal with institutional racism in the force. Perhaps a closer examination of this decision will help them understand how it got that way?

Met defends satanic abuse course - BBC News, 21st December 2004.

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