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June 17, 2006

The Dalkey Baby

Ireland: Damien at Blather reports on a rather familiar looking case in the Republic of Ireland. The difference is that this story broke about a year ago, and not in 1988.

For several weeks last year, the Irish media indulged itself in a feeding frenzy of tabloid-like hysteria surounding the gruesome story of 'Niamh' (now identified as Cynthia Owen) who claimed that she had been the victim of abuse by an organised cabal of child-molesters which resulted in her becoming pregnant (note the classic 'brood-mare' motif) whilst still a child herself - all of which was faciliated by her parents. She then claimed to have watched as her new-born infant was stabbed to death with a knitting needle.

In the wake of the July bombings in London, the story dropped off the radar, the last we heard being that an excavation (looking for the remains of an infant) in a Dublin garden, revealed nothing. But, one year later, the story is back.

The article goes into considerable detail, as well as containing some of the finest ranting.

The Return of the Dalkey BabyBlather, 17th June 2006.

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