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August 22, 2006

Satanic panics elsewhere

Norway: The Norwegian magazine Skepsis has a blog, mostly Norwegian-language articles about snake oil, UFOs and conspiracies. There are a couple of English items there, one of which is a thorough overview of Norway's own satanic panic, and the media's role in fanning the flames.

The promotion of stereotypical images of 'Satanism' in Norway started late. For a short time, the Norwegian press followed examples from England and the US in pressing claims of widespread Satanism involved in ritual abuse, but this unleashed few of the same reactions. At the same time as reports of "survivors" peaked, the phenomenon of black metal "Satanism" reached the public. Soon teenage arsonists and killers made new headlines, and contributed to another image being constructed.

The one Norwegian Satanic abuse panic resembled the American cases more than the British, centering on a kindergarten in Bjugn.

A postscript to the article notes that the police officer used as a Satanic abuse 'expert' has been arrested on suispicion of indecent exposure.

Media Constructions of 'Satanism' in Norway (1988-1997)Skepsis, not dated.

There were also panics in the Netherlands, notably Oude Pekela, leading the government to commission a report, which concluded it was all in the mind, emphasising the need for corroborating evidence. An unofficial English translation has been made.

Orkney kids speak out.

Scotland: Several of the children snatched from their homes by social workers convinced they were the victims of a vast Satanic conspiracy have spoken out about their experiences. Nine children were taken from their homes in South Ronaldsay, Orkney, in 1991. Now adults, they are critical of their treatment by social workers who were determined to make the children support their preconceptions.

But one of the W family, May, has said the questioning presupposed the answer; that there was abuse taking place.

She said: Eventually you would break down, after an hour or so of saying: 'no, this never happened. I don't remember it. I don't even know what you are talking about'.

I can't imagine how I got out of the room if I didn't say 'yes', but I don't remember saying 'yes' to anything.

Another victim, Alex, told the BBC about how the social workers became desperate to get the result they wanted, refusing to take no for an answer.

But at lease one of the social workers involved cannot see what she did wrong, insisting that of course both the children and their families would say that nothing happened.

A documentary, Accused: the story of the Orkney Child Abuse scandal will be shown on BBC2 Scotland tonight at 9pm.

Orkney abuse children speak outBBC News, 22nd August 2006. See also Family might sue over Satan liesPagan Prattle, 6th March 2004, for a similar criticism from the children abducted by social workers in Rochdale in 1990.

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