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February 19, 2005

Today's weird spam

419 scammers seem to have realised that adults with imaginary friends are more likely to be gullible than the rest of us, as this spam purporting to be from a David Arnold (and written in the finest Christian English) demonstrates:

Greeting in the name of the lord.
My name is DAVID ARNOLD, I am a very busy business Man, i reside in Holand where i run my businesses. The lord has laid it on my heart to be in convenant with him,and in so doing be a blessing to his house and to other charity organisation through my finances. He said i should support six churches, which i have pair up in twos.
I came across your ministry through a business friend that your ministry has been a blessing to. In this course of
fulfilling Gods word, i will send a via MONEY ORDER of 7.500.00 EURO which will be shared between your church and THE WORD OF FAITH FAMILY CHURCH This money should be shared thus as specified by God.
1)1.000.00 EURO for the church project and other pressing needs of the church, like TV ministry.

2)1.000.00 EURO for the needy and the less previlegde ones in the church.

3)1,500.00 EURO for the pastors welfare.

The above breakdown is for your church.However, Upon receipt of the MONEY ORDER and after proper
accreditation of the MONEY ORDER, you will remit the balance to the minister in charge of WORD FAITH FAMILY CHURCH"ASAP. If this is right, kindly send me a name and address to my private email
address and not to my business email address(david_arnold_99@yahoo.com)of whom the MONEY ORDER will be
made out to ASAP.
I will like to inform you that the fund will be made available to the church quarterly for a year.
Thanks and God bless
Yours in Christ

And then I checked my filters, and found more!

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