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October 27, 2002

We welcome careful drivers

Villagers in Herefordshire blame the ghost of someone who died in an accident 60 years ago for a local black spot. A psychic has reassured them that no-one will die at the spot, scene of 26 accidents in the last 18 months. 'Ghost mystery' of accident black spot - BBC News, October 26th 2002.

October 25, 2002

Ghoulies and Ghosties

Botsawana: Night watchmen at a Botswanan primary school are threatening to resign over things that go bump in the night:
Maposa told the audience that his men, who were now refusing to be posted at the school, said the invisible creatures, which they suspect to be 'tokolosi', manifested themselves in the form of little human beings, adding that some times they looked like a snake.

He said he had been receiving reports of persistent tokoloshi activity at the school from his charges since 1999, adding that such objects often whistled, cried like a baby, threw stones on the roof of classrooms and cut and restored power.
Masunga guard resigns over 'mystery of night creatures'Daily News, October 25th 2002.

Evidence of work in Liverpool

An enigmatic network of tunnels recently opened to the public in Liverpool might have been built as a shelter from Armageddon. The tunnels were built in the early part of the 19th century by reclusive tobacco tycoon Joseph Williamson.

Another story puts the tycoon as a member of an extreme religious sect that believed that Armageddon was on the way.
The tunnels therefore were a place of sanctuary for Williamson and for fellow believers to flee to and emerge from to start a new city once God had wreaked his vengeance on the world.

Another possibility is that it was all just an early job-creation scheme. The enigma of Liverpool's labyrinth - BBC News, October 25th 2002.

It must've been Charlie Chaplin then

Lot 666 has been withdrawn from a Shrewsbury auction after the Hitler figurine proved to be a fake. Jeremy Lamond, of auctioneers Halls Fine Art said It appears that the lot number 666 given to the figure was wholly appropriate. Who did you think you'd kid with Mr Hitler? - Shropshire Star, October 24th 2002.

October 22, 2002

Blue Monday

A statue of the goddess Lakshmi has mysteriously changed colour in Kolkata.

Deep Ghosh, a trader in fish fodder, and his wife Rita had sat down for dinner on Sunday night at their Chetla home, when they noticed something rather strange. The idol of Goddess Lakshmi had changed colour and acquired a distinctive greenish hue. If this was not enough, by Monday morning, the Ghosh family was astounded -- the image has turned blue. The news of "Lakshmi turning into Kali" spread like wildfire among the neighbours and residents living nearby. By evening there were large queues of faithfuls outside Ghosh's home on 85 Chetla Road, to witness this miracle.

Police investigators think a chemical reaction, possibly associated with a gas cylinder in the same room, is the cause. 'Miracle' in city: Lakshmi idol changes colour - The Times of India, October 22nd 2002.

October 11, 2002

Be careful what you ask for

God has granted a Nigerian pastor her wish in dramatic and public fashion. Pastor Pricilla C Emeh, of the Unique Women on Fire for Jesus Fellowship International, was conducting a service in the Gambia and gave a sermon on Colossians 3:1-4 which advise believers to set their eyes on things above - on spiritual things in heaven where Christ is. Shortly after telling the congregation my desire is to sit where Jesus sat, she heaved, collapsed and died in front of them. Pastor dies in pulpit - The Daily Observer (via, October 8th 2002.

October 4, 2002

My Wife Was a Witch

Pravda has a really strange account of a man and his magic-using wife:

I remember a more interesting incident. When Ayra was taking a shower, she incidentally broke her favorite china cup. She did not actually break it. She hit it with her elbow, and when the cup was falling down on the floor, she 'caught' it with her eyes. The cup stopped its fast falling, it turned over and landed on the stone floor softly, like a leaf. There was not even a crack on it.

My Wife Was a Witch - Pravda, October 3rd 2002.

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