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November 26, 2002

I said 'topless', not 'headless'

The ghost of a long-dead dancer, or maybe a prohibition-era gangster, is haunting a New Jersey strip club.

Club workers also say the ghosts have filled the club with more boo than boobs - by moving around beer bottles, tossing the bar's soda gun in the air and brushing up against people (although none of the dancers, yet).

The club has brought in a 'ghostbuster' who says she's noticed the ghost peeping on private lap dances. Live Nude Ghouls! - New York Post, November 25th 2002.

November 25, 2002

Buttered guru

Devotees of Kalki Bhagavan have flocked to a house to see ghee and honey miraculously seeping out of a portrait of the Bhagavan.

Chandrashekar and his wife Sheela, residents of Vijayapura, claimed that ghee began trickling out of the photograph on Saturday morning. News spread like wild fire and hundreds of people rushed to the house to see the miracle. When their number grew uncontrollable, the police intervened to regulate the mob. When The Times of India paid a visit, and asked the inmates wipe out the ghee to see how fresh ghee begins to ooze out, the devotees refused. Instead, they claimed that ghee and honey oozing out of the photograph, and kumkum falling from it were common happenings.

Ghee 'oozes' out of Kalki photo - Times of India, November 25th 2002.

November 14, 2002

This is my body...

Allah and Om regularly appear in aubergines, but in Bangalore, Jesus prefers chapattis.

Sheela Anthony, a staunch follower of Jesus, came home after offering Friday prayers at a church and prepared chapatis for her kids. The children refused to eat one of them as it was burnt. After looking at it carefully, she found an emblem of Jesus on the burnt part.

The holy object has been placed on display at the Renewal Retreat Center. Jesus, it's a chapati! - Times of India, November 14th 2002.

November 8, 2002

People take drugs at Stonehenge

Pravda is getting back to normal after the theatre seige. For example, did you know that Stonehenge is haunted by UFOs?

There is another even more fantastic phenomenon. Once, a group of people heard some strange sounds from the direction of the stones. These people immediately left, but the strange sound went up into the sky with a buzzing. Then, these people saw something resembling a huge wheel of fire, turning as it flew up into the sky. Later, after they returned home, they saw a female figure dressed in yellow clothes. The woman's hair was long, and her coiffure resembled an ancient Egyptian one. This even gave them the impression that they witnessed a struggle between good and the evil.

Stonehenge: Alternative View - Pravda, November 7th 2002.

November 7, 2002

TV company questions phenomenon. Believers unhappy.

Three Thai MPs - Pongpan Sunthornchai, Thewarit Nikornthes and Prasit Chanthathong - have issued a challenge to TV station iTV - prove its claim the Naga fireballs are a fraud, not a natural phenomenon, or face a billion-baht lawsuit.

Local residents have long believed the fireballs -- known as Bang Fai Phaya Nark -- are emitted by Naga, a mythical serpant, in a gesture of homage to the Lord Buddha. They are seen regularly each year around the end of Buddhist Lent and attract hordes of tourists.
iTV reported the fireballs were orchestrated by Lao soldiers on the opposite side of the river bank shooting tracer rounds into the air from AK47 rifles.

Pongpan Sunthornchai complained that the documentary portrayed the people of Hong Khai as fools and frauds.

Hundreds of protesters gathered at a ceremony in Nong Khai on Tuesday to curse iTV over the programme. They also laid funeral wreaths and demanded provincial authorities take legal action against the television station.

iTV to prove claims or face huge lawsuit - , November 7th 2002.

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