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April 10, 2003

Synchronised suicides

Russia: Pravda notes some eerie coincidences in a number of recent suicides in the city of Severodvinsk and speculates that mystical forces are at play.

There is something mystical about an incident that happened in the Russian city of Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk region. Two men committed suicide on Monday, April 7, at around midday, almost at the same time. Another man tried to hang himself at around the same period of time, although his wife managed to take him down and save him.
Two women cut their wrists almost at the identical moment on April 8 (the two women did not know of each other's existence; they lived in opposite parts of the city). In addition, a young man and a young girl (who also did not know each other) tried to take poison yesterday.
Doctors have also made statements about the deaths of two men who hung themselves on Monday. The two men lived on different streets, although their apartment buildings had the same number - 12. This appears to be rather mystical as well.

In Arkhangelsk Region, Mystical Suicides Take Place - Pravda, 10th April 2003.

April 8, 2003

Chicken it out

Chile: Vets are investigating the sudden and mysterious deaths of a number of chickens, but the farmers do not share the vets' confidence that there is a normal explanation.

Cristina Saldia and Carmen Cortes, owners of two of the farms, told La Cuarta online: It is spooky, there wasn't a drop of blood left inside the chickens. Some say it was a vampire and others that it was an alien.

Farmers blame vampire for chicken deaths - Ananova, 4th April 2003.

April 2, 2003

Through the crystal ball

Pravda has taken a look at the astrological and other mystical coincidences surrounding the war in Iraq, and declares Four omens predict grand political, financial, economic changes in the world . One of these omens is the loss of the Columbia:

The tragedy with the Shuttle of Columbia (February 1) took place about fifty days before the launch of the army operation in Iraq. The catastrophe happened around the new moon period, like the first eclipse (December 6th of the past year). A lot of people noticed something mystical about the shuttle crash. For example, the shuttle blew up above George W. Bush's home state - Texas. The shuttle with the first Israeli astronaut on board went to pieces not far from a small Texan town of Palestine. To crown it all, the Israeli astronaut took a direct part in the operation that was conducted by the Israeli Air Force in 1981 -- to destroy a nuclear reactor in Iraq. He also participated in other actions of the Israeli aviation in the Middle East. The Russian space giant Rosaviacosmos paid attention to the fact that the shuttle did not fly to the International Space Station. Columbia was meant to conduct technical and technological experiments in space. The Russian space company did not rule out that some of those experiments were conducted according to the Pentagon's program that was connected with the operation against Iraq. Furthermore, specialists compared the shuttle's crash with the explosion of a chemical bomb on the territory of the United States, and which is desperately sought for in Iraq. Certain calculations of lunar groups of the February new moon tragedy allow to predict shocking events that might occur in the United State and in Israel during September-October of the current year, as well as between June-July of 2004, and March-April of 2005.

B. Romanov of Petersburg Forecasts states that the US Dollar will begin a catastrophic crash in July this year and that all omens show the period from August to December of 2002, from May to August of 2004 and from April to May of 2005 -- grand military, political, economic and financial changes in the world. The Mystical Side of the Iraqi War - Pravda, 2nd April 2003.

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