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October 24, 2003

Nature's Bounty

United States: Stuck for raw materials for your Jesus O'Lantern? Residents of Tahuya, WA, have no such problem as early floods brought an unexpected gift - pumkins floating down the Skokomish river. Pumpkins Found Floating Along Rivers - Yahoo! News, 24th October 2003.

October 23, 2003

Virgin on the ridiculous

United States: Optimists in a run-down area of New Jersey are flocking to a tree stump in which a simulacrum of the Virgin Mary has appeared. They take it a sign of something generically positive for the future.

The piece of wood, whose shape believers say resembles a veiled Virgin Mary with a bowed head, was noticed by passers-by over the weekend on state-owned land alongside a street that residents say is a hangout for illegal drug users.
Since then, a steady stream of visitors have left candles, flowers and handwritten notes and prayers at the site. It has her form, definitely, said Jackie Cohrs. It looks like her.

Virgin Mary appears in New Jersey tree - Yahoo! News, 22nd October 2003.

Space aliens ate my brain

United States: Dozens of people called the police to report a UFO after they saw flashing lights in the sky over North Carolina. Local astronomers have had to reassure people that what they saw was the Orionoid meteor shower, an annual event which will continue for the next few days. Durham Sighting Meteor Shower, Not UFO - NBC17, 22nd October 2003.

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