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November 25, 2003

Interview with the vampire

Pravda has published a interview with a real-life vampire, assuring us that Vampirism is not merely an overused banality from horror movies, but a real disease. Usually genetically inherited, it can develop because of alcohol abuse. 53-year-old Vasily Gembitskiy turned to alcohol, and then blood, when his wife died:

November 19, 2003

Not Fortean Times

United States: Peter Ritter has written and interesting and sympathetic history of Fate magazine and it's editor Phyllis Glade.

A 57-year-old grandmother with a pronounced Midwestern drawl and an endearing habit of using heck as an invective, Galde looks less like a committed student of supernatural phenomena than she does a school teacher or church organist--both of which she once was. Nor does her home, at the terminus of a suburban cul-de-sac, show any outward signs of housing America's oldest and most esteemed journal of the paranormal, which it does.

Cosmic Truths of the Ages, REVEALED - Twin Cities Reader, 19th November 2003.

November 13, 2003

Folklore of homeless children

United States: Redwolf points me at this interesting old article about the tales told by children in Miami's homeless shelters.

On Christmas night a year ago, God fled Heaven to escape an audacious demon attack -- a celestial Tet Offensive. The demons smashed to dust his palace of beautiful blue-moon marble. TV news kept it secret, but homeless children in shelters across the country report being awakened from troubled sleep and alerted by dead relatives. No one knows why God has never reappeared, leaving his stunned angels to defend his earthly estate against assaults from Hell. Demons found doors to our world, adds eight-year-old Miguel, who sits before Andre with the other children at the Salvation Army shelter. The demons' gateways from Hell include abandoned refrigerators, mirrors, Ghost Town (the nickname shelter children have for a cemetery somewhere in Dade County), and Jeep Cherokees with black windows. The demons are nourished by dark human emotions: jealousy, hate, fear.

Myths Over Miami - Miami New Times, 5th June 1997.

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