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December 27, 2003

Dinosaurs of Eden

United States: I've always wondered how the creationists dealt with scientists constantly digging up critters that aren't mentioned in their book of fairy stories bible. It seems they power up the spin machine a write mountains of dodgy children's books to brainwash their offspring into believing a load of old cobblers.

I should note that some other Creationists are still sticking to the old explanations about how all these extinct and fossilized species were killed off during the Flood. I still haven't figured out how they reconcile this with God's commandment that Noah take all the animals with him on the Ark. Maybe they blame it on the ticket agent.

It's worth having a look at a long, thoughtful, and diverse list of things creationists hate.

Dinosaurs of Eden - Making Light, 21st December 2003.

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