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July 23, 2004

Ghosts in the Window Tinting

United States: Normally when window tinting starts to lift on a building, the installation company is called out to fix the problem, not in Texas. Crowds of the gullible and curious are flocking to a hardware store in Rio Grande Valley, Texas, to see an image of Jesus that has appeared on a tinted window at the business.

The image first appeared on a True Value store window on July 19 and caused employees to wonder where it came from.

July 21, 2004

Hello aliens.

[Hello Kitty crop circle]England: A rather unusual crop formation has appeared in a Wiltshire field. The Hello Kitty crop circle was created by Circlemakers and New York artists surface2air to celebrate her 30th birthday and is approximately 60m in diameter. The photo is by Steve Alexander, whose web site includes a lot of impressive aerial photos of crop formations. (via Simon).

Update: Just noticed this was the 1500th entry in the Prattle. Must be a conspiracy or something...

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