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September 1, 2004

Virgin found in Texas

United States: A Texas car dealer claims to have seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary on a balloon.

Everybody was blowing some balloons and we noticed that this image came from the balloon, said Fuentes. And everybody was agreeing that it looked like the Virgin Mary.

Co-workers were moved to tears:

My eyes kind of watered. And I said right away when he showed it to me, (yes). He said, 'do you know what this is?'. And I said, 'Yes. That's La Virgencita.

Fuentes also called his family to come over to see the apparition for themselves. Javier's mother, Maria, made the sign of the cross when she saw the balloon.

Unfortunately, the resemblance must be lost in the photographs—the image shown looks more like a vagina than a virgin.

Virgin Mary Appears on Balloon at Car LotKGBT 4 TV, 31st August 2004.

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