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February 14, 2005

Strange Spam of the Day

[Cheesy Raelian graphics]Normally I get 200-250 spams per day. And they get filtered out and deleted. But before they're deleted, I glance at the From: and Subject: lines, just in case that offer of a million dollars is coming from my agent instead of a fly-by-night low-life.

This isn't worth a million dollars, but it's definitely priceless in Fortean terms Iranian Raelian spam. Complete with pyramids, Greys, flying saucers, and some sort of come-on in Arabic script (presumably Farsi, which -- not unusually -- I can't read).

Anyone willing to volunteer a translation? (Warning: the spam is included in the extended entry below as inline images -- about 160Kb.)

February 3, 2005

A funny thing happened on the way home from the pub

United Kingdom: The new Freedom of Information Act is being used in an entirely predictable manner by the Independent--to obtain files relating to UFO sightings. Last year, the Ministry of Defence's UFO unit was contacted regarding 88 instances of someone seeing something they did not recognise in the sky:

A report from Devizes in Wiltshire on 24 September last year records an object that: Looked liked a big ball of fire coming down from the sky with a tail and sparks coming off the end of it. Another, from Somerset the week before, states: The object looked like a great bright light and was really intense, like a ball of fire coming down from the sky, rapidly moving towards the ground.

Although such reports might be discounted as meteor showers or other astronomical phenomena, other sightings are not so easy to dismiss. A report from Surrey on 20 May last year describes a UFO as having grooves and windows but no room for humans. Even the MoD inspector notes that the witness had seen the object so clearly.

Many of the other sightings refer to UFO's changing colour, speed and shape. The most common colours are yellow, orange or black.

In a moment of creative genius, the newspaper referred to the documents as X-files.

The truth is out there: declassified reports of UFO sightings reveal 88 sightings last year - The Independent, 3rd February 2005.

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