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November 27, 2007

An animated mass debate

Scotland: BloodSpell is a work of machinima—a computer animation made using video games. It's fantasy, and, as you might expect, there are some people out there who have difficulty understanding the meaning of that word. Such people base their lives on a very early example of the genre, and are unable to differentiate between fantasy and real life. And so it was that someone styling themselves The Enemy turned up in a forum dedicated to the production. He didn't enjoy it.

While the technique of Machinima to make such a film is both novel and well done given the limitations of the craft, the film itself wasn't worth the 1.5 hours to sit through. I can't imagine anyone being so captivated by this disgusting idea that they'd surrender 3 YEARS of their life to make it into a movie.

And what did he find disgusting about it? Well, it seems that the fantasy world it's set in isn't one that obeys the rules of one of the characters in his favourite fantasy book. He presents us with a list of objections (all religious)

1) Worship of angels - Forbidden in the real Scriptures.
2) Human sacrifice to angels - At no time throughout the Scripture is a human blood sacrifice ever encouraged or commanded.
3) Alligance with demons - Summoning demonic spirits may make for an interesting game to allow for all kinds of digital carnage and outlandish artwork, but playing with Satan's host is no laughing matter.
4) Demonic fight against the angel - Of course, with a volutary human blood sacrifice used to kill the angel which demanded both blood and worship, I'm at a loss as to whether the angel wasn't actually a Satanic figure himself who "appears as an angel of light". Lucifer means "star of the dawn".
5) Anti-Catholic - While no doubt that y'all have more reason to resent the Catholic church than us in the States, and, no doubt, they're guilty of the past and present crimes that they've committed, this film is hardly a truce to the hostilities, is it?
6) Anti-Christian? - However, you didn't attack "Catholics" or "Cardinals" or "priests" or "Popes", did you? You attacked "the church", the attendees of "churches", any moral standard, all bounds of restraint, and everyone who holds to such a standard.

He then complains further, in an utterly non-bigoted way, and attacking no-one at all:

Why is it that you can't bash homos or spicks or niggers or wetbacks, but you can bash a Christian who's just trying to live their own lives in peace with their God? Instead, you make a film that calls all people who worship anything other than themselves, their own lusts, and their own power the enemy.

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