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February 7, 2003

God Hates Phallic Symbols

United States: Fred Phelps has got in on the Shuttle bandwagon with a PDF flyer Listen up, America! Here is OUR report on Colombia: The 7 are in Hell. According to Phelps, God deliberately destroyed a symbol of America's technical superiority over East Texas -- home of fag-enabler Bush, presumably a reference to the President's mother Barbara because I can't see how that description could possibly be applied to George W.

Any other interpretation of the tragic events of Feb. 1 is rank atheism and fagjunk theology by sodomite propagandists.

Nothing to do with having a Hindu and a Jew on board here. Nope, God is pissed off because no-one has killed all the pooves yet, and priest, preachers and rabbis have the temerity to dabble in religion:

America is a sodomite nation, incapable of repenting... From Bush down -- preachers. priests, rabbis, politicians, pundits, reported -- all suddenly became theologians preaching lies and spinning fables about the meaning of the space shuttle tragedy. God's Arm hurled Columbia in fragments to the ground, and hurled the 7 fools into the verlasting fires of Hell -- in wrath and vengeance, laughing, mocking and deriding this nation of fags.

If a God like this really existed, I donate my soul to Satan.

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