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August 8, 2008

Canada tells Phelps to bugger off, too.

Canada: Canadian border guards have been told that Westboro Baptist Church members are not welcome, and are to be turned away should they try to enter Canada.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day's office sent an alert to border patrol to look out for people with signs and pamphlets consistent with the messages that the church promotes and to keep them out of the country, Winnipeg MP Pat Martin told CBC News on Friday.

Entering Canada by a U.S. citizen isn't an absolute right, and if you're coming here only to disrupt the social order and to promote what we consider to be bordering on hate crimes or hate language, they shouldn't come into Canada, Martin said.

We're not going to allow these people to compound the tragedy of the McLean family loss, and Canadians simply won't tolerate these lunatics disrupting what should be a respectful service.

Border guards to turn away church group aiming to picket bus victim's funeralCBC News, 8th August 2008.

August 3, 2008

God Hates Phelps

United States: Westboro Baptist Church suffered a small fire, which destroyed a garage and a fence. Members of the church think it was deliberate, though we at Prattle Towers are of the opinion that it's because God hates them.

Small fire strikes Westboro BaptistThe Wichita Eagle, 2nd August 2008.

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