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May 14, 2002

Christian calls to deface historic site

Scotland: A Christian author has proposed putting a gigantic cross on the top of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, and insists he isn't extracting the urine. Harry Reid has written a book on the future of the Church of Scotland (presumably a very short book, if this idea is typical) and sees it as an assertive symbol of Christianity. Even though such a project is guaranteed to offend non-Christians in the city (which, is far more diverse and interesting than David Irving imagines), a representative of the local council felt it would be acceptable. The park is owned by the Queen and managed by Historic Scotland, who are much cooler on the idea:

Given the fact it's a royal park and the wealth of prehistoric sites, sites of scientific interest and sites of environmental sensitivity in the park, it is an unlikely plan.

Hooray for holy rood plan at Arthur's Seat - Edinburgh Evening News, 14th May 2002 (BugMeNot).

May 1, 2002

Hooray, hooray, the first of May

England: The Long Man of Wilmington now lives up to his name with the mysterious overnight addition of a 6m penis. The appendage was noticed this morning by members of the Long Man Morris Men who danced at the site to celebrate May Day. No permanent damage has been done to the chalk hill figure as the whopping willie was simply painted onto the grass and will disappear with the first lawnmower of spring.

Rent-a-quote and self-proclaimed King of the Witches, Kevin Carlyon, complained that it was wrong as he thinks the figure, which previously had no gender-specific characteristics, is a woman. Twenty foot penis painted on ancient hill figureAnanova, May 1st 2002.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh's Beltane celebrations were held on Calton Hill as usual. A single protester from a local evangelical church turned up with placards urging the gathered crowds to obey all of God's laws. He was wearing a wool sweater with cotton trousers! Some American "Christians" tried to heckle the performers but were drowned out by the drums. Beltane Fire Society web site.

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