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April 8, 2003

Going straight

Work has begun to straighten two of the stones at Avebury, which had started to lean at a perilous angle. The 5m stones are estimated to weigh 50tonnes each. Work to straighten huge standing stones begins - Ananova, 8th April 2003.

April 3, 2003

Holy sewers

Vadodara, India: Squatters are being blamed for turning a pond sacred to the god Varundev' into an open sewer, but civic authorities believe it is the fault of the locals who have extended their drainage lines into the pond. The problem isn't limited to small, local sacred sites though. A Public Accounts Committee has criticised various government departments over pollution in the Ganga.

They also stressed on the need of community participation in cleaning the polluted river and said that not only political or social but religious groups too should come forward to create awareness among people about the cleaning of Ganga.

Pond revered by Sindhis turns into sludge lake - Times of India, 3rd April 2003; Committee raps officials for pathetic Ganga - Times of India, 2ndApril 2003; Hand over Ganga cleaning to the army: PAC - Times of India, 2nd April 2003.

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