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October 16, 2003

New discoveries at Stonehenge

Two carvings of axe heads have been found on stones at Stonehenge using a new laser scanning technique.

Both found on one stone, the axes, which date back to 1,800 BC, are badly eroded and can't be seen with the naked eye. But by sweeping low-powered laser beams at the stones and analysing the data closely, a picture emerged.
The first newly-discovered carving is about 15 cm square and may possibly be two axes, one on top of the other, while the other is about 10 cm by eight.
Only a small part of three of the sarsen stones were scanned by the team and they believe that a full scan of the surviving 83 stones would reveal more ancient carvings.

STONEHENGE SENSATION - SCANNING REVEALS AXE CARVINGS - 24 Hour Museum News, 16th October 2003; Archaeoptics web site (much more information).

October 10, 2003

Rock experts baffled

Some newly-discovered Northumbrian rock art is baffling experts as it bears little resemblance to the cup-and-ring marks the area is famous for.

The carvings were found hewn into one, isolated sandstone boulder near Wooler in north Northumberland, close to the Scottish border.
As well as a group of concave spherical shapes around 20 cm in diameter, the carvings include a shape resembling an adult footprint, several deep scores and another shaped like a heart.

Even Stan Beckensall is stumped. ARCHAEOLOGISTS BAFFLED BY MYSTERIOUS ROCK CARVINGS IN NORTH EAST - 24 Hour Museum News, 9th October 2003.

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